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Usually, handyman services can be scheduled and completed during the week (and during regular business hours) without issue. Every once in a while, though, emergencies happen and demand something a bit more immediate. Perhaps you get to your business early one morning and discover a plumbing problem that you need to have fixed right away. Or maybe you own a restaurant and run into an electrical problem just an hour or two before the Saturday night dinnertime rush.

In either situation, the average nine-to-five, Monday-through-Friday handyman won’t be able to help you. You can’t open for business without having the issues fixed, and you can’t afford to close down and wait for a technician to stop by in a few hours or a few days.

Luckily, at Hire A Hubby, we are not the average handyman! If you need a handyman in Adelaide or Perth, and it just can’t wait, give us a call. We operate a 24/7 emergency handyman service for our commercial clients, which means that we can help you with weekend or after-hours issues that other handyman businesses in your area might not have the staffing or resources to offer. Furthermore, we have franchises nationwide and can get to any area promptly. With our extensive nationwide network and our team of talented handymen, no request is too urgent for us to meet.

How it Works

If you have an emergency and need to get a handyman out to your location right away, get started by clicking here to book a job online. While making appointments online for a handyman service can be clunky and unreliable in lesser hands, at Hire A Hubby, we utilise state-of-the-art cloud technology to organise and respond to service requests quickly and efficiently, regardless of if you are located in Melbourne or Perth. Just tell us about your business, your location and the service you require, and we will get back to you with a quick booking confirmation and a technician ETA.

Common emergency service requests include issues involving electrical work, plumbing, doors, locks, heating or air conditioning and enquiries concerning workplace safety. However, if you have an issue that you believe justifies an emergency handyman hire in Perth, Adelaide or anywhere else in Australia, Hire A Hubby encourages you to contact us immediately. Should you have any questions about our commercial emergency services or our web-based booking form, feel free to give us a call on 1800 803 339.

Why You Should Choose Hire A Hubby as Your Commercial Handyman Service in Perth or Adelaide

Even if you determine that you don’t have an emergency and that your handyman needs can wait until regular business hours, we hope you will still choose to work with Hire A Hubby. As the largest company of our kind in Australia, we have a geographical reach that many other businesses in this industry can’t muster. We also offer a 100% workmanship guarantee on all of the work we do—commercial or residential, emergency or not—simply because we believe in providing our customers with nothing less than the best service on the market.

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100% Workmanship Guarantee

All of our Hubbies offer the following to provide our customers with security and peace of mind:

  • 100% Workmanship Guarantee
  • Police Clearance Reports
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Photo ID
  • Work Health Safety Certification
  • Licensed (where applicable)

Latest Testimonials

Customer Service is our number one priority, so we are always pleased to receive feedback from our customers. We’ve teamed up with the independent review site Product Review to bring you honest and reliable reviews of our Hubbies and their work. Read more...
Wonderful Couple – Fantastic Workers Lachlan And Grace cleaned up our garden, laid new soil and planted all new plants and groundcover. Wonderful job, very reliable. I wouldn't hesitate to use them as often as we need.   Liz - May 2021
Perfect for me – Hire A Hubby Capalaba Very polite, friendly. Excellent service, very accurate & professional. Nothing was too big for him. Very easy to communicate. Very punctual. Job done to perfection, neat & tidy. I will recommend him to any one. Very satisfied customer.   Sudesh - May 2021

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