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Home Health Check

We understand that your home is the biggest financial investment you may ever make in your life so we’re here to help you keep that investment healthy and safe. With our checklist below, you can sleep peacefully tonight knowing your family are safe at home. Speak to your local Hubby today for a healthy home inspection at your house or book a free quote.


Designed to detect smoke in your home before you do, make sure your smoke alarm is properly connected and the battery isn’t flat. Smoke alarm services > 


Blocked up gutters can lead to a whole heap of problems around the home like water damage or mould. Reduce your fire risk, prevent overspills and make rain harvesting easier & cleaner. Gutter cleaning services >


Avoid any unwanted visitors accessing your home by checking your locks aren’t faulty and that your screens are in working order. If you’ve just moved home, we recommend changing the locks as soon as you’re in your new house. Locks and screens services >


Moss growth is a common problem on stone, concrete and other surfaces that remain shaded and fairly moist throughout the day. It is important to remove moss, especially over walking paths and steps, as it can be quite slippery and a real hazard.  High-pressure cleaning services >


If you’ve got little ones running around your home, be careful to remove the added dangers by childproofing your home.


Keep your home warm and insulated by ensuring your doors and windows are properly installed and don’t have any gaps. This will also provide extra security for your home. Doors and window services >


Don’t let your little loved ones escape (pets and kids!) by making sure your fences and gates are up to scratch. If you have a pool in your backyard, we recommend pool fencing. Fencing services >


Under maintained decks can be a hazard in your home. Making sure nails are secured below the timber is a must. We also recommend that decks should be oiled every 12 months to keep them healthy and free from water soaking and rot. Decking planks can be replaced beforehand and a new refreshing coat of oil (there’s quite a few to choose from) can revitalise it before entertaining in the summer months. Decking services >


Removing rubbish from around the yard can help reduce clutter and the risk of fire. People in a bush fire prone area especially should check the amount of rubbish around the home annually. Removing building materials, paints and hazardous liquids and a general tidy up of your garden including pruning is recommended.

100% Workmanship Guarantee

All of our Hubbies offer the following to provide our customers with security and peace of mind:

  • 100% Workmanship Guarantee
  • Police Clearance Reports
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Photo ID
  • Work Health Safety Certification
  • Licensed (where applicable)

Latest Testimonials

Customer Service is our number one priority, so we are always pleased to receive feedback from our customers. We’ve teamed up with the independent review site Product Review to bring you honest and reliable reviews of our Hubbies and their work. Read more...
Melanie C When we find a great service provider we need to shout it out loud and share. Greg and his team from Hire A Hubby Hunters Hill have done an amazing job renovating our little villa so that we can rent it out. For a non-DIY family, it was too easy.
Sam M I’m so impressed! The communication style, the care taken in the measure-and-quote process, the reliability of the work dates set, ensuring my involvement in decision making: all terrific. Then for the actual work: faultless, caring, efficient, nothing too much trouble, and everything finished off beautifully. Greg from Hire A Hubby

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