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Home Health Check

We understand that your home is the biggest financial investment you may ever make in your life so we’re here to help you keep that investment healthy and safe. With our Home Health Check, you can sleep peacefully knowing your home is performing as it should. 

The following are some of the items included in our Home Health Check:


Designed to detect smoke in your home before you do, make sure your smoke alarm is properly connected and the battery isn’t flat. Smoke alarm services > 


We’ll check the general condition of your floors, walls, architraves, and cornices for wear and tear and damage. We can also replace fixtures and fittings and install or rehang artwork and mirrors.


Whether it’s in your bathroom, kitchen, laundry, or poolside, we can repair and replace damaged tiles, as well as redo grouting and completely redo tiling for you. This may include flooring, splash backs, and counters.


From the bedroom, to the kitchen and laundry, we can check the condition of your doors and their hardware. We can repair, paint, replace, and refit cupboards, and replace or update hinges, and handles.


Avoid any unwanted visitors accessing your home by checking your locks and screens for damage, correct alignment, and wear and tear. If you’ve just moved into a new home, we recommend changing the locks on all doors and windows. Locks and screens services >


Moss is a common problem on stone, paving, concrete and other surfaces that remain shaded and damp throughout the day. To prevent slips and falls, we recommend hire pressure cleaning throughout the year.  High-pressure cleaning services >


If you’ve got little ones running around your home, be careful to remove the added dangers by childproofing your home. This may include installing baby gates, installing locks on kitchen, laundry and bathroom cupboards, and installing screen doors or security doors. 


Keep your home warm and insulated by ensuring your doors and windows are properly installed and gap-free. As security is always important, we recommend checking door and window locks and door handles regularly. In addition to this, we can repair and install fly screens and curtain rods.   Doors and window services >


Your fence can enhance your home and protect you. We can repair and replace most types of fencing around the perimeter of your home and your pool area, if you have one. (NB. Council/regulatory requirements may apply). Fencing services >


A neglected deck can be dangerous and present as a hazard in your home. Things we look for are displaced nails, warping, rotting, and general wear and tear.  We also recommend decks be oiled at least twice a year to keep them looking good, and preventing weather and water damage. Decking services >


Blocked gutters can not only create a fire hazard, but also lead to costly problems to rectify such as mould and water damage to walls and long-term structural issues. Reduce your fire risk, prevent overspills and make rain harvesting easier & cleaner. Gutter cleaning services >


Removing rubbish from around the yard can help reduce clutter and the risk of fire. We can assist in the removal of rubbish (minimum skip bin loads apply).

This is not a complete list of the comprehensive range of services we provide. Click here for more information. NB. Licensing laws may apply for some work.

100% Workmanship Guarantee

All of our Hubbies offer the following to provide our customers with security and peace of mind:

  • 100% Workmanship Guarantee
  • Police Clearance Reports
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Photo ID
  • Work Health Safety Certification
  • Licensed (where applicable)

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Excellent service and attention to detail Ray was efficient and knew exactly how to execute my requirements. He worked very long hours as I had lots of little things that needed doing and he did each one with the same precision and attention and with a very good sense of humour. Excellent job and highly recommended!

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