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Home Renovations The Easy Way: Count on Hire A Hubby for Your Home Improvement Needs in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or Adelaide

At the top of many a bucket list, in between skydiving and exotic world travels, sits the hope of home renovation. Many people love to dream about completely redoing their houses and turning them into dream homes. Far fewer of those people, though, actually go through with the renovation plans. In addition to expense, home renovations are complicated to plan and daunting to execute. Between figuring out which renovations you want done and trying to find a contractor who can do them with skill and precision, the process can be enough to give even the most passionate home improvement buff a headache.

Introducing Hire A Hubby

At Hire A Hubby, we can take a considerable amount of the stress and frustration out of the home renovation process. Launched in 1997, Hire A Hubby is a large handyman service with a nationwide presence that can handle home renovation projects anywhere—from Perth to Melbourne to Sydney and beyond.

Indeed, when you bring in Hire A Hubby to help with your home renovations in Adelaide or Perth, you get a deep and nuanced service that simplifies the entire equation. Our skilled handymen can help you design the home of your dreams and take that plan all the way through to completion. From minor home repairs to comprehensive renovations, there is no improvement too large or too small for Hire A Hubby to handle. So quit searching the yellow pages for a contractor and call us! With our national network of specialists and our considerable experience in every facet of home renovation, you’ll be amazed at just how simple and stress-free the process seems when you work with us.

Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Home Renovation in Melbourne or Sydney

Are you ready to call Hire A Hubby and schedule a first consultation for your home renovation in Sydney or Melbourne? Great! We can’t wait to hear from you. Before you bring one of our hubbies in for a consultation, though, you might consider asking yourself a few questions to help you envision the renovation you want. These could include any of the following:

  • Which rooms of the house do you want to use as your primary focus? Bathrooms? The kitchen? The laundry room? If you have a big budget, you can pull off a complete home renovation without too much issue, but if you are working with tighter financial constraints, you might want to pick out your biggest pain points so that you can focus your money where it will make the biggest difference in your day-to-day life.
  • What kind of home style do you have in mind? Looking at pictures online, flipping through a home-related magazine or watching a few episodes of a home improvement show can help you choose your preferred architectural styles, fixtures, appliances, carpet styles, colours and more. Knowing these preferences will only give your hubby more to go off when it comes time to sketch out a renovation plan.
  • What is your budget? It’s usually better to go into a renovation project with a set financial amount in mind, rather than to start planning and let your wants decide your budget. Look at your finances and figure out how much you can afford to spend. You might not hit that budget exactly with your renovation, but knowing a budget will help Hire A Hubby plan a project that makes sense for you.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you’re ready to take your first steps towards completing a home renovation in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney! Call us on 1800 803 339 to set up your first appointment with Hire A Hubby today.

100% Workmanship Guarantee

All of our Hubbies offer the following to provide our customers with security and peace of mind:

  • 100% Workmanship Guarantee
  • Police Clearance Reports
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Photo ID
  • Work Health Safety Certification
  • Licensed (where applicable)

Latest Testimonials

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Wonderful Couple – Fantastic Workers Lachlan And Grace cleaned up our garden, laid new soil and planted all new plants and groundcover. Wonderful job, very reliable. I wouldn't hesitate to use them as often as we need.   Liz - May 2021
Perfect for me – Hire A Hubby Capalaba Very polite, friendly. Excellent service, very accurate & professional. Nothing was too big for him. Very easy to communicate. Very punctual. Job done to perfection, neat & tidy. I will recommend him to any one. Very satisfied customer.   Sudesh - May 2021

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