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It’s the slow evolution of a crack. It begins as a splinter in the plaster, a sign of settling. Time then wedges itself inside the corners, pushes it forward and makes it grow. It reaches eventually across the entire ceiling – before winding down the wall. You stare, uncertain how this sliver has consumed your entire lounge.

Hire A Hubby suggests calling us before it consumes the rooms beyond. As the premier home repairs service in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond, we’ll help you reclaim your lounge. We promise speed, efficiency, and quality results. Book an appointment today!

Hire A Hubby: About Us

In 1994, Brendan Green – CEO of Hire A Hubby – had an epiphany: reliable handymen were hard to find, and home repairs often proved impossible to complete. Why not provide Australia, therefore, with superior service? Why not bring together the country’s best carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and plasterers and join them in a common cause of renovation? He did… which is why our company now ranks among the leading franchises.

We connect our customers with the support and speciality they deserve. Our team excels at home repairs in Sydney and beyond, combining Work Health Safety certifications with full insurance. Trust in our high standards and expedited results

Seeking Home Repairs in Melbourne and Beyond: Our Services

Houses – no matter how sturdily constructed, no matter how carefully pieced together – sometimes fall apart. Little complications fill every room and, when ignored, these complications begin to grow: proving both concerning and costly. Seeking a home repairs company is essential, therefore.

Choose our team! They accommodate all renovation, reconstruction, and repair needs:

  • Cornice Repair and Installation.
  • Floor Sanding.
  • Glass Replacement and Cleaning.
  • Screen Replacement.
  • Deck and Pergola Replacement.
  • Fencing Repair.
  • Smoke Alarm Repair.
  • … and much more.

Your weeks are carefully divided between work, family, and endless errands. There’s no time left for construction. Hire A Hubby understands, which is why we offer home repairs to Sydney, Melbourne, and beyond – blending 24/7 support with exceptional standards. We adapt to your needs and your schedule.

Our Testimonials

Our team boasts a 100% Workmanship Guarantee. No job is ever completed without achieving our clients’ satisfaction. To learn about this satisfaction visit our Testimonials page. There find reviews from those who’ve sought home repairs in Melbourne and beyond.

Our Coverage

The need for home repairs knows no bounds. This is why Hire A Hubby delivers national coverage, proudly serving the following areas:

  • New South Wales
  • Queensland
  • Victoria
  • Tasmania
  • Australian Capital Territory
  • South Australia
  • Western Australia
  • Northern Territory

Schedule an appointment today to get a repairman near you to your home.

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That crack has become a crater, overwhelming your home. Hire A Hubby can quickly repair it, delivering a series of plastering supports and cornice installations. We can then address the other problems you need solved – providing sterling service and effective results. Contact us today to begin repair work on your home!

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