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Hubby Profile: Hire A Hubby Chelsea

This month we would like to highlight one of our new Franchisee superstars down in Victoria; Mick Carbone of Hire A Hubby Chelsea. Mick purchased his business back in May 2015. At only 8 months in, he is causing quite a stir in his territory with some great forward thinking ideas of how to help his community including some delicious treats! We spoke to him to find out more about his experience as a Hubby so far…

Mick Carbone, his Son and David from Hire A Hubby Somerville

Mick with his Son and friend David, owner of Hire A Hubby Somerville

1. Before joining Hire A Hubby, what sort of day jobs did you do? 

Various trades and Sales positions including 16 years as a Termite technician.

2. That’s quite a career, what prompted your interest to move away from it into Hire A Hubby?

I liked the variety of both work-types and work-places.

Decks by Hire A Hubby Chelsea

A deck replacement job

3. How did you find the initial training and support from Hire A Hubby?

Training is just broad enough in scope, to give those who really want to take charge of their own future, the tools to get started.

4. So, what’s business like for you in your exclusive territory of Chelsea, VIC?

Business has been much better than I expected in the first six months. But you do get out, only what you are prepared to put in.

Cupcake Business Cards

Cupcake Business Cards

5. Sounds great! What kind of customers are you servicing?

With a B2B sales background, I have managed to garner support from several local Real Estate agents. However my domestic portfolio is by far the more profitable and rewarding area of my business to date, though it took longer to cultivate.

6. Where do you see your business going in the next 6-12 months?

In the next 2 months we intend to take on our first full-time employee, expand our local area marketing budget and work towards a second by July.

Mick at the V8 Races

Mick at the V8 Races in September as a guest of HAH

7. What’s the main reason you decided to buy a Hire A Hubby franchise over other options in the market?

We wanted to buy a “Business” not a job, we have friends in other franchise vehicles, they bought a “job”. The support and encouragement for business growth is what attracted me, my wife and I actually like each other. We’d like to spend more time together.

Hire A Hubby Conference Uluru

Mr and Mrs Carbone at the 2015 Annual Hire A Hubby Conference in Uluru

Well there you have it, another happy Hubby in Mick. If you like what you’ve heard or would like to find out more, speak to our Recruitment Team today to find out the business opportunities available in your area. Simply click to request more info or give us a call on 1300 653 778.

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