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House & Property Maintenance

Searching for Home Maintenance Help? Hire A Hubby Offers House and Property Repairs Across Australia.

It’s a series of tedious tasks – the gutters swell with leaves; the tile grout flakes away; the light bulbs flicker in ominous succession; and the cupboard doors refuse to shut, choosing instead to lean open in some form of kitchen protest. You jot all of these problems onto your to-do list… and then watch that list gather dust. Work demands much of your time (and life demands the rest). There are no seconds left, therefore, for home maintenance.

Hire A Hubby suggests calling us. As the leading property maintenance company in Australia, we understand that your day is a whirl of office obligations and family commitments. This is why we deliver national coverage, 24/7 service, and dedication to quality – offering the support you need and the workmanship you deserve for your house.

Hire A Hubby: About Us

Since 1996, Hire A Hubby has served as Australia’s premier house maintenance company, connecting our clients to the repairs and renovations they need. Our dedicated team – lead by founder Brendan Green – recognises that to-do lists often become never-done lists. This is why they promote fast and efficient results, bringing their sterling work ethics to every home. High standards (as proven by their Work Health Safety Certifications) are assured.

Looking for home maintenance help? Trust the Hire A Hubby team for all residential needs! Schedule an appointment today to begin work on your house.

Finding Relief Through Property Maintenance Support: Our Services

The projects accumulate like bad habits, with your home under a constant strain of breaks, cracks, and pressing problems. Trying to solve those problems seems impossible – but Hire A Hubby can! Through our comprehensive house maintenance programme, we ensure every property to its former (fixed) glory. Our services include:

  • Gutter Re-Cleaning.
  • Tile Re-Grouting.
  • High-Pressure Exterior Cleaning.
  • Handrail Replacement.
  • Rubbish Removal.
  • Smoke Alarm Servicing.
  • Door Replacements.
  • Screen Replacements.
  • …. and much more.

You understand the need for home maintenance. You simply lack the time (and the expertise) to turn those home dreams into realities. Hire A Hubby understands. This is why our team works tirelessly to provide you with the services you need.

Our Quality Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our goal. To ensure that all property maintenance tasks are efficiently completed, our team members deliver a 100% Workmanship Guarantee. They combine certified experience with liability insurance, promoting peace of mind with every project. They also boast current licensing for specialised services (such as electrical, plumbing, plastering, and more) to provide clients with the results they need.

Searching for a House Maintenance Company? Hire A Hubby Offers 24/7 Support.

Busy days and equally busy nights define your life, leaving little time for maintenance. Hire A Hubby accommodates this frantic scheduling with 24/7 service. Our team responds to all regional and remote property emergencies – 365 days a year! To learn more contact us today. Our team will gladly provide service information or schedule an appointment:






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