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Five Considerations for a Modern Laundry Makeover

Whether you’re looking to accommodate your growing family’s growing needs, or you’re merely long overdue a makeover, there’s a lot to think about when renovating a laundry. A lot has changed in modern home design and the way we live, so here are five ideas to inspire your laundry transformation.

1. Drying space



Add a dry rack to air-dry your clothes (particularly delicates) straight from the washing machine. But forget flimsy stand-alone options and instead choose a steel bar, retractable clothesline or a fold-up timber rack. A modern design such as the above not only folds away neatly, but also utilizes natural window light. Utilise unused space such as above the sink for installation.

2. Multi-functional is key



Modern day laundries are not only used for washing, but also ironing, hand washing and the water source for watering gardens. Therefore, it’s important to have a suitable sink for all purposes, from soaking soiled sport gear to filling a watering can, and appropriate bench and cupboard space for other items like ironing equipment, linen, chemical storage and sports gear.

3. Custom-designed laundry room



Laundries are a great place to keep items you don’t use regularly hidden. They’re also great for storing towels and bed linen. However, you may find that custom-built storage is required to suit your exact needs as a family while still maintaining a functioning room. Give your local Hire A Hubby a call about cupboard ideas or installing new shelving.

4. Design touches



A new laundry can transform the aesthetics of your entire home. However, to complete your makeover add a few final touches like filling glass jars with powdered detergent, fabric softener and clothes pegs. You can also install a feature “laundry” sign or hanging on the wall.

5. Stuck for space?



If you’re confined to a small laundry space, there’s no reason why you can’t still have a modern, functional design. Stack your dryer on top of your washing machine, or buy an all-purpose washer/dryer, and build shelving above and below your sink to optimise space.

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