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Garages Fit for the Grand Prix

This weekend’s 2015 Formula 1 Rolex Australia Grand Prix over in Melbourne got us thinking about the state of our garages! Let’s do it like the Northern Hemisphere and get ready for a Spring Clean. Here are our 10 tips on how to organise your garage:

1. Start with hiding clutter above eye level

Install a couple of brackets on the ceiling to hold plastic boxes, fit for all the items you don’t necessarily use every day, like camping equipment or sporting goods.

Above Head Storage


2. Categorise your day-to-day items and tidy them away 

Stick some handy stickers on metal buckets and place them on a storage rack in the corner of your garage for your regular use items, like toys.

Metal Bucket Tidy


3. Store all your sports balls in one area with bungee cords 

Use an old pallet to build an upper and lower frame and attach 3 or 4 bungee cords. Place all your footballs, basketballs and rugby balls in your home made bungee cage and never worry about finding them all over the place again!

Bungee Cord Ball Cage


4. Install a pin board for all your tools

From plants to pliers and masking tape to mallets, attach them to the wall with this handy pin board.

Pin Board


5. Trace around your tools 

One way to remember what goes where on your pin board is to trace around your tools with a permanent marker. This is also a great way to figure out what’s gone walkies!

Draw Around your Tools


6. Keep screws together with a magnetic strip

Never lose a drill bit or a screwdriver head again by adding a magnetic strip to your pin board.

Magnetic Strip Tool Holder


7. Create a battery vending machine 

Rather than keep hundreds of batteries around the house in various man drawers, forever wondering whether it’s live or dead when you finally find one, build yourself a battery vendor with space for every size.

Battery Holder


8. Make your work bench fold-able 

If you’re stuck for space in your garage but still need a bench to fix bits and bobs, simply install a fold-able table which pops up only when needed.

Fold Down Work Bench


9. Give your garage a bit of fancy! 

Just because it’s a garage, doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your surroundings. Check out these old paintbrush cupboard handles:

Paintbrush Cupboard Handles


10. Surf’s up 
Finally, add your own surfboard holder to keep those boards upright and tidy.

Surfboard Holder


There you have it, 10 tips on how to end up with a tidier garage. Share your garage organisation tips and tricks in the comments below!


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