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How to keep a cool head in summer.

Nothing feels better than walking through the front door of your home and being greeted by the fresh, cold embrace of your air-conditioner. Particularly with all the hot weather most of the country is experiencing at the moment. Unfortunately, that happiness can quickly subside when you receive your electricity bill.

This week, our Hubbies are sharing some handy hints on what you can do around the home to ensure you’re being as energy efficient as possible.

Cold air can escape through window seals and under doors

Set the temperature – Air conditioners contribute significantly to your energy bill if not used sensibly. 24°C is a suitable temperature for when you’re at home, and it can be increased to about 25°C during the night. Each degree lower boosts running costs by 10 per cent as it has to work harder, so the highest comfortable temperature is best.

Clean your air conditioner – Servicing should be done once a year, and is often a condition of warranty for most systems. Trapped dust and dirt will make your system work harder and therefore cost more to operate. Cleaning your filter regularly will allow the unit to run more quietly, reduce power consumption and save you money.

Ensure your house is sealed properly – There are places around the home where cool air can escape, and warm air enter. Gaps under doors and unsealed windows are the most common areas. Look for dirty spots around windows or carpets to identify where air leaks may be.

Closing curtains – It’s a simple one, but closing curtains ensures harsh sunlight, and the warmth it brings, can’t enter. Closing doors to unused rooms such as the bathroom will also stop cool air from escaping main living areas.

Appliances – Think about all the other heat-generating appliances that might be contributing to your indoor temperature. Leaving TVs on standby should be avoided, and lights turned off when they’re not being used. Cooking outside on cooler nights will also mean you’re generating less heat inside.

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