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12 Spring Handyman Jobs To Do Before Christmas

Spring is here so now is the time to get those all of those DIY and maintenance jobs done in time for Christmas.




The Spare Room


Soon it will be Christmas, and the in-laws and visitors may pop in and stay for a day or two. Now is the time to dust down and freshen up the spare room.


Declutter the room if necessary – spare rooms have a tendency to fill up with unused junk. Consider updating the aesthetics like wall art and updating the bedroom furniture. If you have time – a new coat of paint can make all the difference.


Hire A Hubby can assist with all your painting and DIY requirements. From building flat pack furniture and hanging and mounting services to putting up shelves. 





Broken Toilet Seat


Don’t put off replacing that broken toilet seat. With Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect excuse to replace it. If available, consider installing a soft-close seat.  


Write a list of all the DIY repair jobs around the home. Then give us Hire A Hubby a call. 





Replacing Light Bulbs


Just like the broken toilet seat, don’t put off replacing light bulbs. Seek our help if the light bulb is hard to reach. If your budget allows, choose energy efficient light bulbs, which not only come in a range of bright and warm tones, but also use less energy (helping you save money on your electricity bills).


How many electricians does it take to change a light bulb? You don’t need an electrician, as a handyman will do. Just give Hire A Hubby a call.



Handyman jobs to do before Christmas - Regrouting your tiled areas


Regrout and Reseal the Bathroom


Regrouting is a quick way of revitalising your bathroom and making everything look nice, neat and clean. The same can be said of replacing mouldy or worn sealing around the edges of your bathroom fixtures.


When and why should I regrout my bathroom?

The best time to re-rout is when you see discoloured or mouldy tiles or grouting – especially where water pools or sits (eg. in corners of the shower recess or niche, or where a tiled wall meets your vanity) . Another reason to re-rout is when visible gaps or holes in the grout start to appear. You might also see black mouldy silicone that needs replacing. Resealing can be a messy job and one that can be difficult to do properly so that a smooth edge is produced. 


Regrouting and resealing tiles and wet areas can be tricky so give Hire A Hubby a call today.




Handyman Jobs to do before Christmas - Pressure wash your deck and oiling your deck.




If you have a wooden deck now is the time to give that deck of yours the care and attention it needs. UV rays and harsh weather conditions can discolour and damage the integrity of the wood. With the use of a good quality decking oil which provides UV protection, you can revitalise and add years to the lifetime of your deck.  If you have outdoor wooden furniture, you should maintain it at the same time as your deck. 


If your deck is made of a composite material, a light pressure wash may be all that’s required to bring it back to life. Some composite decking products do require specific cleaning methods and we would always recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions.




Handyman jobs to do before Christmas - Build a pergola.




Being subject to the elements year-round, Pergolas will need some regular maintenance to keep them looking good and structurally sound. A general hose down or pressure wash may be all that’s required to remove dirt and cobwebs, but time structures may need to be checked for structural integrity. If your Pergola has a roof and gutters, it’s good to check these regularly and repair or replace roof sheeting and guttering or downpipes. 


If you have an outdoor area but don’t have a pergola, consider having one of our Hubbies install one in your garden. Pergolas offer shade and protection from the sun, privacy with the addition of drapes or latticework and aesthetically make a great garden feature.  (Before commencing any work, we recommend checking if you need Council approval for a Pergola.)


Pergolas also offer a perfect way to extend your living space and the amount of time you spend outdoors in the warmer weather. 


If you have a pergola, why not consider adding some climbing plants such as Wisteria or Bougainvillea, which are cost-effective ways to providing shade and colour to your back yard. 




Handyman jobs to do before Christmas - Fix your fence, or replace your fence.




If you need your fence replaced or repaired, don’t forget to contact Hire A Hubby. From painting and touch-ups to replacing fence panels, our Hubbies can take care of the job for you. 





Pool Paving and Tiling

Are you in need of some new pavers or tiles around your pool? Choosing the correct paver and tiles will aesthetically enhance the appeal and functionality of the pool area. Remember to consider the slip rating as well as the colour and size of your pavers and tiles.


Make sure you are using pavers and tiles that can withstand any of the pool chemicals (salt and chlorine). The right choice of paver and tile will also not be too slippery when wet and won’t get too warm in the sun. 


Talk to your local Hubby today. 






Before you spend a fortune on a professional landscaper, why not talk to your local Hire A Hubby?


Hire A Hubby can help transform your yard by building retaining walls, decking, fences, pergolas, laying new mulching, and building garden beds.





Rendering and Plastering 

Have you looked at your exterior wall rendering recently? Have you noticed any cracks in the walls? What about your interior plaster. If you discover a crack in the wall and want to carry out repair work, don’t leave it until later – It isn’t likely to improve by itself!


Hire A Hubby can help with plastering, plaster boarding, patch and repair, gyprocking and cornice installation.  If cracks continue to occur over time, there may be a bigger issue that needs to be looked at and you may need to engage a builder or structural engineer. 






Don’t put off doing any painting. Our Hubbies have plenty of experience and come with an 100% Workmanship Guarantee. From wall preparation, touch-ups to a new repaint of the walls and a clean up afterwards. Don’t sacrifice on quality – Give Hire A Hubby a call today. 





Prep for Sale


If you are considering selling your home, you want to make sure your property is fit for sale and has loads of street appeal. The all important first impression has never been more true. You want to turn your property into a gold mine and not a land mine!


Hire A Hubby can help guide you as you prepare your home for sale to a level that will add value and interest to your prospective buyers.


We will ensure you have fabulous street appeal (mulching, letterbox, fencing and gates, new lick of paint, doorbell working? etc.). We will check that your property interior is up to scratch (light bulbs working?, neutral wall colours, decluttering etc.). Our Hubbies can then carry out further checks to installing blinds or curtains, ceiling fans, new carpet to re-grouting, re-tiling, repairs to your walls, windows, doors and floors.


The Bottom Line


Whenever there are jobs around the home that need to be done, you can usually put off dealing with them for a while. However (and unfortunately), things don’t fix themselves, and most of the time they will only get worse. Procrastination may end up costing you money, so why wait? 


Hire A Hubby can help you get those jobs done. Call us now so you can get the home you want before Christmas.



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