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5 DIY Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Bills Lower This Winter

With the temperatures dropping, research suggest we spend on average a whopping $500 a month just on heat. It’s time to evaluate your energy use at the start of Winter, to see if there’s anything you can do to avoid a hefty electricity bill come the end of the quarter.

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These simple tips and tricks that will take less than two-minutes and it will winterize your home in an instant.

1. Weather-Strip Your Doors

In the living room, you may find that cold enters your house through the windows and the floors. There are thousands of homes in which a 1/8-inch-wide crack exists all the way around the door, and this gap is just about the equivalent air loss of that 6-inch-square hole. Fortunately, weather stripping can reduce your heating/cooling bills by as much as 30 percent while reducing drafts that can cause discomfort.

2. Pull Up Your Curtins to Let the Sun In!



In winter, put up curtains with pelmets to reduce heat loss. Also on cold mornings, open your curtains or blinds, particularly on north facing windows, to let the warm daytime sun into your home.

3. Insulate Your Home

Safe and effectively installed insulation can slash your annual energy bills by up to $200 or more as it reduces your need for heating and air conditioning. If you’re renting, ask your landlord to install insulation. It could save you a fortune in heating bills.

4. Use a Door Snake / Sweep
Use a nifty “Door Snake” or sweep at the base of a door, especially at rooms that you use or visit less frequently to keep out cold droughts.



5. Check Your Energy Star Ratings
Like many things, cheaper doesn’t mean better. Bargain heating appliances tend to be the most expensive to run and the least efficient at producing heat. Check your current devices and see if you’re due an upgrade.

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