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Clear Communication and Organisation is the Winning Formula


For those of you who watched the third room reveal on Channel 7’s The Block on Sunday night, you would have seen the contestants bringing their bathrooms to life with granite walls, luxurious marble bath tubs and even a urinal.

The team that came out on top was husband and wife team Josh and Jenna with their crisp and clean bathroom that had a delightful mix of modern and old (below).

Before                                                                    After          

130227- Before room       130227- After kitchen

We believe another reason why they won extended beyond the design. It was their clear communication with suppliers and builders. This can make or break a successful renovation, saving time, money and organisational nightmares.

Here are a few tips from our Hubbies on how to improve your communication with the professionals to get exactly what you want when it comes to doing work in your bathroom.

Talking Dollars Makes Sense

Bathrooms are one of the most important parts of the home. Whether the job is big or small, give your builder or property maintenance expert an idea of your budget to see if what you want is realistically achievable.

Agree on a Timeframe

Discuss with your builder when you want the bathroom finished and organise suppliers to work around this time frame. To avoid late supply deliveries, get together with your builder and break the renovation up into sections. Organise what date you need certain materials by and make the date a couple of days before you actually need it, to ensure they arrive on time.

Choosing Materials

Discuss with your builder on what type of bathroom you are after, as this will affect your choice of fixtures, fittings and tiles. Is this a family room that will require hard working, low maintenance fixtures that can withstand wear and tear, or is it a sleeker architectural look you are after, make sure to express this to your builder.

It’s tempting to step in but usually it’s a good idea to steer clear when it comes to having a professional work on your renovation. If you have any concerns about the renovation, have a chat to your builder and they will be happy to clarify.
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