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What to consider when planning to build an entertaining deck

Entertaining decks are a great place to host weekend barbecues and to hang out and enjoy the sunshine with the family. But building a new entertaining deck can be a tough undertaking. There are several things to consider in the planning and building process to make sure that your deck turns out to be the dream deck that you had visualised rather than a dysfunctional mess.

So, have you been dreaming about a brand new entertaining deck?

Here are five considerations:

Design and purpose

First things first, why are you building your deck? Whether you’d like your new deck to be a hang out spot for the family or a place to hold dinner parties, you’ll want the design to be functional for its purpose. Size, location and layout are some of the most important things to consider to ensure your deck’s functionality. For instance, how far away is it from your cooking area? Will it fit the whole family comfortably? And at what time of the day will the sun hit it most?

Credit: | Photographer: JamesDeMers

Council regulations

You don’t want to learn halfway through building your deck that it doesn’t comply with council regulations. To ensure that you’re creating your deck in accordance with any rules or regulations, be sure to research your local building requirements or speak to your local council.

Foundation integrity

Where you decide to build your deck is crucial in making sure that it is strong and long lasting. Is there chance of ground erosion where you’re planning to build it? The last thing you want is to build a brand new deck, only to have it swallowed by the ground beneath it after heavy rainfall.

Material quality

The climate can cause a big strain on wood. Heat and rainfall as well as sharp changes in temperature can make wood expand and retract and cause unwanted cracks or rotting. Certain woods are more resistant to these conditions because they contain natural oils that safeguard them. Cedar, redwood, teak and ipe are a few such woods. Be sure to pick the right quality materials to suit your local climate.

Image: Ipe deck

Can you DIY?

If you’d like a new entertaining deck to be your next DIY project, it’s important to be prepared for all the the risks involved. Things can easily go wrong during the building process and unwanted problems can rear their ugly head at any time.

Our expert hubbies can help guide you through any problems that may arise during the process of building your deck. They can also build the entire thing from start to finish so that you sit back and have peace of mind that it will turn out great.

If you would like professional help with building your dream entertaining deck, make sure to hire the right person. Contact us today.

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