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Creating space when it’s hard to find

Whether it’s the glaring oversupply of shoes, piles of out-dated magazines, or too many bath towels, everyone knows someone who is a closet hoarder. Almost one million Australians show signs of hoarding, so chances are you’re probably one yourself.

In most cases it’s a matter of not being able to throw things away, so this week Hire A Hubby would like to share some clever ways to store beloved belongings without impacting your day to day movements.


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Bathrooms are notoriously small spaces but a few small adjustments can overcome this. Try installing a hardwood shelving unit next to your sink for towels, or equipping your bathroom draws with plastic-tiered pull-out shelves to organise toiletries. Finally, use wasted space behind doors with a timber tilt-out bin to place used towels.


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So much space underneath beds is wasted. You can make use of this hidden area by installing hardwood pull-out draws for a smarter, more organised look. Placing a padded blanket box at the foot of your bed is also a great way to store everything from linen to towels, while adding additional comfort to your room.


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Living Room

Make use of the space under coffee tables by installing shelving or draws to keep magazines and coasters out of sight, avoiding an untidy look. Or, if you are proud of your possessions, why not show them off by creating square sectioned shelves like this one to display favourite books or glassware collections.


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Now that you have extra storage in your home, prevent accumulating future clutter through bi-monthly clean ups and giving all of your belongings a home and returning them each time after use.

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