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Curtain considerations

You’ve walked into the living room and there’s an air of drabness and an out-dated feel. You’ve got the latest TV, a fancy leather couch and a beautiful rug but lining your windows are the same curtains that came with the house 20 years ago, when coral floral was all the rage.

Out-dated and old fashioned curtains bring down the overall feeling and presentation of your home and this week our Hubbies are sharing their tips on what to consider when purchasing new curtains.

  • First of all, what’s the difference between pencil pleat and eyelet curtains?
    • Pencil pleat has closely gathered folds that look like pencils laid next to one another
    • Eyelet has a row of metal eyelets that allow a rod to pass through
    • If you’re going for a traditional look, then pencil pleat is the way to go Eyelet gives a more contemporary feel to the room, producing a softer, looser fold.
  • Consider the amount of light that comes into the room
    • If your window sees a lot of sunlight, steer clear of delicate fabrics as they will become damaged by the sun
    • Opt for black out curtains if you want to reduce the amount of light in the room.
  • Lined curtains will hang better, make the colour or pattern of the curtain stand out, provide more warmth and shield strong sunlight
  • What about length?
    • Long, floor length curtains look luxurious
    • Short curtains are usually suited to a bathroom or kitchen
  •  Keep the size of the room in mind: floral, heavily patterned or rich-coloured curtains make a space look smaller
  • The colour of the curtains should complement all aspects of the room (ie. walls, carpet and furniture)
  • Patterned curtains will out-date faster than block coloured ones

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