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Designing your Dream Pool & Patio

It doesn’t matter if the sun is scorching on the hottest day of the year, or a deluge of that white stuff is falling from the sky, if you have a pool- you’re one lucky guy or gal. There are so many benefits- you’ve already added value to your property without even trying, you’re probably one of the most popular people that you know (for better or worse), and best of all- you’ve got yourself the perfect canvas for relaxation whenever you need it.

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Or maybe, you’re still dipping your toe in the water (pun intended), and brainstorming whether a pool is the right decision for you. We understand, either way. That’s why Hire a Hubby has teamed up with Australian Heritage Homes. We’re focusing today, on designing your ideal pool and patio area. Hopefully, you finish this post with a defined vision and extra drive to invest the dollars and get ready to build.

There are many variables that you’ll want to be cognizant of, as you kick off the planning process. First and foremost, is that second “P” word up there in the blog title—your patio! Your patio is the area adjacent to your pool, it probably links the pool to your home, an intermediary area for visitors to dry off, sun themselves a wee bit, and maybe even grill up some steaks for a post-swim meal.

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The great thing about architecture today is that there are more and more options to consider when you design your patio. Do you want to incorporate a grill? You can build one right into the patio if you wish. Do you want to incorporate a large seating area? Definitely a possibility, and a recommendation from both Hire a Hubby and the Australian Heritage Homes team. We recommend in fact, that you frame your patio with a couple of seating areas. We like to call them vignettes. When you incorporate multiple seating areas, you’re already ahead of the game for your next get-together. You’re allowing flow, throughout the space—an area for quiet talk, and maybe an area right next to the grill for minimal mess, post eating.

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We like to keep the brainstorming phase as easy as possible for our customers, so we’ll only add one more criteria to your plate for now, and that’s plant life. Your landscaping scheme will play an important role when you think about your dream patio. You’ll want to determine what plants you’ll have the adequate time to care for, and what plants you can probably do without. You’ll want to ensure that your plant life does not interfere with the aforementioned flow… you can’t have weeping willows interrupting a heated debate over what to have for dinner, now can you? SO, your patio buzzwords to keep in mind… food, seating, plant life. Got them? Good!

On to the pool… what are some things that we would recommend keeping in mind? First up—shape. Do you want an oval pool? A square pool? A multi-level pool? The latter is best accomplished with an infinity-esque design, something that Australian Heritage Homes is happy to help bring to life. The other shapes are probably dictated by the activities that you’ll want to get after when using the pool. If you swim for exercise, then we recommend pursuing a square or rectangular pool, so that you can maximise your lap number. If however, you’re swimming at a more leisurely pace, then an oval, oblong, or circular pool, can play quite beautifully into whatever landscaping scheme you have in mind.

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Hopefully, you’ve noticed a theme throughout this post, and that’s creativity. Both Hire A Hubby and Australian Heritage Homes are dedicated to providing a wingman for you, during the process of designing your dream home. You bring your vision to us, we’ll see what we can do, to bring it to life.

Questions? Comments? Be sure to check out the AHH site, found here.

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