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DIY Fails – Our Top Picks

We’ve all been there where DIY looks like a fun challenge and it’s not until you’re an hour in, without the right tools and very little patience left that you realise it’s not worth the hassle! Hire A Hubby recently surveyed the public to find out their DIY habits and we found nearly 1/3 of Aussies have tried to fix something at home and made the job worse, resulting in close to 60% of people calling out for help and getting a professional in to fix the problem. Take a look at some of the fantastic DIY attempts (fails) we’ve found from across the interweb:


Furniture Assembly Fail

When putting together your new bed, be sure to check the ladder is well away from the vicinity…


© Failblog

Shelving Fail

Looking for a decent shelving solution for your kitchen and want to incorporate some supermarket chic interior design? Look no further…



Mailbox Fail

Got old computer equipment around the house and waiting on an important letter? Kill two birds with one stone with this delightful DIY mailbox…


© Tumblr

Ladder Fail

In a world of health and safety gone mad, sometimes we ask ourselves why? Surely people can be trusted for common sense to prevail. Then you see this and remember why there are rules in place…


© The Poke

Laundry Fail

Plumber of the year right here Ladies and Gents, just don’t drop any stray socks as you’re loading the machine…


© The Poke

Roofing Fail

One should always make sure one’s back is covered when DIY’ing, especially when hanging from one’s roof…


© The Poke

Toilet Door Fail

The art of measurement was lost on this fumble attempt…


© Good Housekeeping

…and finally, Flat Pack Fail

If the instructions had actual words, we might get somewhere but alas, this is as good as DIY flat pack furniture assembly gets for most of us…



Before your home ends up with such delights as above, give us a call and do away with the stress & hassle of DIY! We’d love to see some of your DIY fails too, so jump over to our Facebook page.

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