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6 Jobs to Tackle Around the Home Before Winter

The temperature has started to drop. The chill of late autumn air is with us. Before you rotate the clothes in your wardrobes, you may like to consider some of the weatherproof jobs you can do to protect your home?




1. Seal Any Draughts


Draughts can enter from gaps or openings in a building’s structure. Containing them is first and foremost. You want to trap in as much warmth in the home, especially during winter.


Around a fifth or more of a building’s heat is lost to draughts, but there are things you can do to keep your home protected.


Installing window seals or draught-stoppers on doors will aid in heat loss. Filling the gaps between windows and doors with a sealant or putty – depending on the material your window frames. Another method is to use door snakes around the home.


Both blinds and curtains will help with the overall insulation of your windows and help to retain some of the heat.


If all else fails, and your windows are of a certain age, you may want to consider replacement glazing.



You Still Need Ventilation!


While you want to trap in as much heat – don’t discourage your home from having good airflow! A lack of ventilation will cause mould and rising damp. You may also like to consider using a dehumidifier.




2. The Roof


The roof plays a significant roll to keeping your home warm. Roof insulation will help reduce energy consumption by preventing heat loss and is probably the best investment you can make to ensure you save money on your energy bills. Ensure your loft is well insulated. A good insulation should last for around 40 years, depending on how it is looked after.




Did You Know?


On average, 25% or more of heat is lost through the roof. 35% of heat is lost through walls. 15% or more of heat loss comes from the floor. 15% is lost from the front door and a further 10% from windows.



Check Your Roof for Broken Tiles & Leaks


You should check your roof for any broken tiles. Make sure you replace them before winter. It is also worthwhile examining your roof for leaks. A leaky roof can cause additional damage to the home walls and floors.




3. Gutters


A blocked gutter or leaking roof will cause all sorts of havoc in the winter. Make sure you regularly clean your gutters and downpipes, repair any broken or loose tiles and have your chimneys checked for damage. By getting your gutter cleaned before winter, you reduce many of the associated hazards and save money on potential repairs caused by damage.


Consider installing a gutter brush to stop debris collecting.


Hire A Hubby have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with gutters, down-pipes and stormwater drainage to ensure they are clear of blockages.*





4. Secure Your Property


Although burglary rates have steadily fallen throughout recent years, it’s important that we protect our homes, assets and ourselves from the trauma and disruption that burglaries cause.



Smart and Digital Door Locks


Smart and digital door locks have become increasingly popular with homeowners. There are all types of models available on the market, designed to suit all needs and budgets. Some smart and digital door locks come high-tech with a fingerprint scan. Other options include codes and smartphone access via an app which gives you the convenience of opening the door for someone while you are away from your home.


Before purchasing a smart and digital door lock, check your compatibility with your door – especially if you have an older type of door.


Before You Buy


Do your homework and consider which model is suited to your budget and security needs. Always read the reviews and make sure it comes with a good warranty.



Smart Doorbells


Smart doorbells are typically Wi-Fi enabled devices which digitally act like a concierge to your property.


Usually fitted with a built-in camera, they will help you identify and record who is at your door no matter where you are. These devices use Wi-Fi to stream live video to your phone or TV.


Talk to your local Hubby first about fitting a smart or digital lock. Some devices are more time-consuming than others to install.


If you aren’t tech-savy and prefer a more traditional lock, our Hubbies have extensive experience to assist you.




5. Clean and Tidy Away Outdoor Furniture


Give your garden furniture a good clean before winter arrives. Remove dirt and grime off any furniture to prevent mould or algae developing.


Give your backyard a clean-up. Rake up any debris or fallen leaves and put fertiliser down. Doing this will help the garden area during the colder months and help it flourish when the warmer weather comes back round.


Put away unused furniture and give your decking or patio area a deep clean with a high pressure wash.


Pressure wash all your home exterior side walks, patio and driveways. A pressure wash will not only restore the aesthetic appeal of your home, but it will also help reduce the build up of any dirt and debris over the winter months.




6. Repair Damaged Fences, Decks & Pergolas


As the cold weather sets in, your deck pergola, fences and other timber areas will be subject to rain and other elements.


Check these wooden areas for any dirt and debris. This debris seals in moisture, which can cause all sorts of problems. Make sure you regularly keep these areas clean.


Check your decking, pergola and fences closely for any damage. Look for any cracks, holes or dry rot. Wood fill or replace any damaged areas.



Seal Any Timber Areas


Protect your timber areas during the winter by sealing them in a quality timber coat. Make sure you wash down the wooden areas first! Recoating a stained timber deck will highlight these stains and seal them in. Always use a good quality timber cleaner that can remove stains properly.




Hire A Hubby is always here to help (you can Book a Quote by calling 1800 803 339 or by clicking on the Book A Quote button on our homepage).


* Not all Hubbies offer all of the above services. Please liaise with your local Hire A Hubby franchisee when booking a job. 


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