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Garden Maintenance Tips: Preparing Your Garden For Winter



Winter is fast approaching and care for your garden during the colder months is a crucial part of garden maintenance. Here are some basic tips to prepare your garden and ensure its health throughout the upcoming months:

These are our top tips for preparing your garden for winter:

1. Move houseplants indoors to help the plants adjust to an indoor climate. You can place them in your garage or shed for a couple of days. Before moving them inside, inspect for bugs or spiders.

2. For your winter vegetable crops, put a thick layer of mulch around them to help to protect from the cooler temperatures until they’re ready to harvest. Gather any leaves that have fallen during late autumn and add them to your compost pile.

3. Remove weeds from flowerbeds to prevent further growth in early spring.



4. Consider planting shrubs for next spring and summer. This will ensure their roots can establish before spring.

5. Prune or cut back and divide perennials. Put a layer of mulch over them to protect them from uneven, cold temperatures.



6. Remove any dead vegetation from your garden and add what you can of this to your compost pile (make sure to check the dead material for seeds and avoid adding these to the pile).

7. If you have one, prepare your outdoor pond for winter.

Following these garden maintenance tips will stand your garden in good stead for winter and promote healthy growth when spring arrives.

If you’d like help on preparing your beautiful garden for the upcoming chilly months then don’t hesitate to give Hire A Hubby a call on 1800 803 339. Alternatively, explore our website or get an obligation free quote here!

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