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Get Ready for Spring!

It’s that time again to start thinking about what jobs you need to do around the home and garden in preparation for the warmer months ahead.



Outdoor Jobs




Clean Gutters and Check Roofing for Damaged Tiles


This year, we’ve seen heavy rainfall across the East Coast, followed by a colder-than-usual winter. We highly recommend you take regular care and attention to your gutters and roofing and have them regularly cleaned and checked by a professional. Minimise the risks of leaks in bad weather and even fires in the warmer months ahead.


Hire A Hubby will check your gutters and downpipes and clean them by hand or by using high-pressure washing. We can also help by installing gutter guards, repairing any damages or holes, replace gutters or downpipes.



High Pressure Clean


If you have decking, pergola or patio tiles in your garden, high-pressure washing them is a good way to remove any accumulated winter dirt and grime. High-pressure cleaning is a great way of making your garden area look new and revitalised.



Check for Damage and Wear & Tear


Clean and declutter along the fence line – this will give you more space to work with. Check any fences, decking, pergolas or gates you may have for wear and tear. If you see any damage or have broken support beams or decking boards, Hire A Hubby can help you fix or replace them.



Repaint and Seal


Consider having your fence, deck or pergola re-stained It is a quick and easy way to refresh your garden area. As these structures are subject to the elements all year round, it’s important to maintain them so they are safe for years to come. Our Hubbies can help re-stain/re-oil and seal them for you.



Check Locks, Gates and Screens


Even if something looks right, it is equally important to check to make sure it’s in good working condition. Check your gates can swing open. If not, our Hubbies can help replace a hinge or lubricate them back to working order. Our Hubbies can also help you with changing locks and repairing and installing fly screens and screen doors. Perfect for all seasons!



Indoor Jobs






Painting your interior walls, ceilings and trim work are major projects that most of us are put off because of the amount of time it takes to do a good job.


Hire A Hubby’s house painting services will provide you with a 100% Workmanship Guarantee. Our Hubbies will prepare the wall, apply professional paint finishes and complete the job with a clean-up afterwards.


A simple tidy-up and refresh of cornices, window and door frames and skirting boards can also make a massive change without having to do a full make-over.



Indoor Repair Jobs


From loose door cupboards to resealing and grouting your bathroom. Regular maintenance of the inside of your home will safeguard you from bigger expenses further down the track and without the urgency or hassle of immediate repair.


Examples of Hire A Hubby’s indoor property maintenance jobs we can help you with:


  • Assembly of flat pack furniture
  • Re-grouting tiles
  • Replacing fly-screens
  • Handrail/stair replacement
  • Smoke alarm (battery) servicing
  • Changing lightbulbs, globes and ceiling fans
  • Change locks
  • Cupboard door replacements/handle and hinge replacement


Give Hire A Hubby a call today on 1800 803 339 or visit our Book A Quote page for more information.



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