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Home Design Trends for 2017

Another year over and done with which means the new interior design fashions are now hitting the net! We’ve been doing our research for you and discovered the top ten trends for your home in 2017:


Every year Pantone pick their colour for the upcoming year and this year is ‘Greenery’ which is supposedly a colour of rejuvenation and refreshment. Leatrice Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Colour Institute says, “Greenery bursts forth in 2017 to provide us with the reassurance we yearn for amid a tumultuous social and political environment. Satisfying our growing desire to rejuvenate and revitalise, Greenery symbolises the reconnection we seek with nature, one another and a larger purpose.”



Whilst brass has been around for years, several designers such as Elizabeth Lawson, have been playing around with the finish; going for a more satin brass which gives off a warmer feel. In 2014 brass was declared as the new ‘must-have metal for home decor‘ but 2017 says we should lose the reflective nature of this material!


© Elizabeth Lawson Design via Houzz



Unveiled at the 2016 Decor and Design Fair in Melbourne, the Desert Wanderer trend is “a minimalist ethos, with a meditative slow, calm element to it…representing a respite from our fast-paced lives” (Victoria Redshaw, the founder of Scarlet Opus; the UK design blog). A controlled rusticity, this style trend is “hazy mirage of colours that merge together almost like a sandstorm with materials that have a slouchy, informal aesthetic”. You can expect to see the following colour palette:

– Muted spice tones: saffrons, cinnamons.
– Mauve and indigo “to ground the palette”.
– Metallic accents such as copper and silver.

Desert Wanderer Interior Design Trend 2017

© Preppy in Pulitzer Tumblr via Pinterest



For 2017, Houzz believes that “in search of more open space, many homeowners and designers are doing away with expanses of upper cabinets and pushing all that storage onto a single hardworking wall. This one-stop hub frees up the rest of the space to create a breezy look.” Personally, we’re pretty excited by this one because it’s just another excuse to buy more gadgets. Kitchen Aid we’re on our way!

Grey Handleless Kitchen 2 - Kitchen Storage Walls Trend 2017

© Miele UK via Houzz



Promising to make life easy, artificial intelligence assistants are now making their way into our homes and with one simple command, they can perform simple actions like closing the blinds or turning off the lights. Mental eh! Houzz has reported this as one of the big trends for 2017, quoting Shawn DuBravac, chief economist of the Consumer Technology Association: “what you’re seeing is continued maturing of the smart home ecosystem. It’s still a very nascent technology. Maturing isn’t something that happens instantaneously, but over time”.

Take a look at Google’s version:



Forget boring old table lamps. Pendant lights free up bedside space for nightstand essentials and are especially helpful in small rooms.” Houzz. Not a new idea but still a good one. Please be careful attempting to hang these yourself!

Bedroom Pendant Light - Design Trends 2017

© Domino Magazine via Pinterest



Ahoy Sailor! Navy is back for 2017 as a wonderful accent colour for your home. We are in love with these navy kitchen cupboards; the perfect contrast for the marble.

Navy blue kitchen cupboards

© Nicole Franzen via Pinterest



As a more budget-friendly option and somewhat more reliable, faux materials are taking over the real stuff this year. From faux leather to faux wood ceiling beams, these not-quite-authentic finishings can be featured in every room in your home.

Sublime SIlver

© Photo by Kim Duffin for Sublime Architectural Interiors



With the increase of the digital world taking over (just see trend no. 5 for example!), Victoria Redshaw of Scarlet Opus predicts that people will yearn for something more constant and a step away from technology. Bring on the analogue workshop: a digital detox, a trend with “no design for design’s sake, the focus is on form and function”. summed up this style perfectly with the below:

Colour palette:

– Granite grey, cookie brown.
– Discordant accents such as acidic yellow and mint green.
– Metallics such as brass and bronze.

“It’s a low-key palette that asks us very politely to reconsider the colours we’re familiar with.”


– Corks, plywoods.
– Concrete.

“It’s very much about bringing together only two or three materials but it’s all about how you join them.”

McCourt Street - Analogue Workshop Design Trend

© Proper Photography via Houzz


10. MATERIAL: TERRACOTTA predicted that terracotta will be the next big trend for 2017. “Unlike in the 80s, they aren’t used as border tiles. Instead they will have a natural matte finish and be used as feature walls in bathrooms or for cladding fireplaces,” says Lauren Macer of Sisalla Interior Design.


© Photo by EPT DESIGN


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