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Home Renovations and Updates

Home renovation and interior design trends seem to change with the seasons. Trying to find something that outlasts the latest trends can be challenging.


Curves have made a triumphant return along with neutral colours such as clay and olive. Will they stand the test of time, or be subject to the next trend on the horizon? If you follow the latest trend, how long will it be until the look of your kitchen, bathroom or laundry becomes dated?


If you intend to keep up with the latest trend, be prepared for the look and style of your room to date. You can get around this by updating the features that are easily changed, such as tapware, handles, or the colour of your walls.


Going for a classic look is like a suit. It looks great on most people, but is it right for you?


In this Blog, we look at renovations and updates for your Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry.




Kitchen updates


At the heart of every household, the kitchen is one of the important rooms of the home. Not only do we prepare and cook a meal there, but the kitchen it also acts as a centre for communication.


But how much does a kitchen renovation in 2022 cost?


According to, the average kitchen renovation can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $35,000. High-end kitchens can come in anywhere from $35,000 plus.


You will also need the services of a handyman (unless you intend to build the kitchen yourself), a plumber*, an electrician and depending on how high-end you are going, potentially an architect.


You should always set a budget first and foremost. By sticking to a budget, you can prepare ahead for all eventualities, including any unforeseen and hidden costs.


*Consult with your Hubby before you undertake any kitchen renovation or cosmetic updates. Some of our Hubbies are licensed and qualified to carry out specialised work while others may be limited to carrying out certain jobs around the home.


On a budget? Stick with your kitchen’s original layout. It will reduce costs for plumbing and electrics and anything which involves moving walls, cupboards and more money. You might also consider :

  • Changing or painting the cupboard doors.
  • Replacing the benchtop.
  • Replacing the splashback
  • Replacing the cupboard handles.
  • Replacing or fixing the cupboard hinges.
  • Replacing worn shelves.
  • Installing new shelves on an unused wall.
  • Adding hooks or rails in handy spaces.
  • Adding a window, shutters, curtains, or blinds.
  • Hanging some artwork on a spare wall.




If your appliances are in good working order, why not keep them? Alternatively, if your budget is tight and your tapware and other replaceable items are in need of an upgrade, why not spend the money there instead? You could also replace handles, hinges, the benchtop and splashback.


Painting cupboard doors, window frames, walls, and the ceiling is another cost-effective way to update your kitchen. As the kitchen is considered a ‘wet area’ and one that requires mould resistant paint, we can help recommend which paint products are most suited for your kitchen area.


Our certified and licensed Hubbies can take care of your kitchen renovation or cosmetic changes for you. Talk to your local Hubby first.




Updating your Bathroom


As with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most commonly used areas of our home. Having a fully renovated bathroom can add more value and space and also breathe new life into any home.


If you are worried about the budget, stick to replacing what you already have over repositioning things like the sink or shower. It will save you a significant cost and the expense of a plumber.


There are many water-saving options on the market. Installing energy-efficient options is a simple way to save on your utility bills.


Bathrooms are breeding grounds for mould. Plan for a well-ventilated bathroom by installing vents and extractor fans.


If you are of a certain age and worry about your safety in the bathroom, consider a few updates or modifications, including the installation of grab rails, and adding seating or back supports to widening doors.


If you’re on a budget, you may like to consider the following:

  • Regrouting the tiles.
  • Replacing chipped or broken tiles.
  • Replacing an old mirror or mirror cabinet with a new one.
  • Installing new towel rails, or a heated towel rail.
  • Upgrading the shower curtain to a hinged glass panel or door.
  • Replacing the vanity, benchtop, and basin.
  • Replacing tapware.
  • Replacing old towels with new towels in your favourite colour.
  • Add an indoor potplant (hang from the ceiling or place in an unused corner or window sill.
  • Replace or install window shutters or blinds.
  • Install a smart speaker within the bathroom vanity.


Whatever your bathroom requirement, Hire A Hubby can provide our customers with security and peace of mind with our 100% Workmanship Guarantee.




Laundry upgrades


Trying to dry clothes in the winter months can feel like a continuous cycle. Having a functional, decluttered and versatile space for drying your clothes can make a whole difference – especially if your laundry room currently acts as a dumping ground for dirty clothes, clothes baskets and for placing other things in a hurry.


Identify if you have enough room just for your laundry. If you find you are short on storage areas within your home, consider organising the room to cater for this. Give some thought as to how items can be stored and if you need to make some changes to facilitate your storage needs. Adding rail hooks, shelving or cupboards may be the simple answer to what you need.


Remember to be ruthless in throwing things away.


No matter the size or age of your laundry equipment, there is probably room for improvement. Have you considered installing hooks, hanging rails, retractable clothes rods, drying racks, adding shelves, bench tops or replacing cabinetry? Do you require electrical sockets for appliances such as irons?


Sometimes a mini makeover is all you need. From a fresh coat of paint, replacing or adding a splashback, retiling and regrouting, replacing handles or fixing tapware.


Make sure your laundry and appliances are easily accessible.


Key considerations


With any changes, regardless of what it is, it’s worthwhile:


  1. Deciding what your Budget is.
  2. Doing some research.
  3. Deciding what style or look you’re aiming for is.
  4. Choosing your colour scheme or a range of complementary colours.
  5. Deciding if you can do all or some of the work yourself.
  6. Listing the work that requires a qualified tradesman or a handyman.
  7. Having an idea of the timeframe for the work to be completed.


By taking a little time to prepare yourself, you’ll be ready to start your project in a timely manner and engage a support team – including Hire A Hubby – to help you achieve your goals.


As always, Hire A Hubby is always here to help (you can Book a Quote by calling 1800 803 339 or clicking on the Book A Quote button above).


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