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Hot Trends in BBQ Living

Outdoor living is an integral part of the Australian mindset, as is the backyard barbeque.

With the weather warming up, and summer on its way, there are few things more pleasant than enjoying a meal in your own backyard. A hot grill and a cool breeze have a way of invoking a holiday mood, even when cooking up a mid-week dinner for the family.

Here are some ideas on how you can keep on trend with outdoor living this summer.

The Outdoor Kitchen

This one isn’t new. The trend has been on the rise for quite some time, as the hot work of cooking the family meal has moved outside, into the fresh air.

The outdoor kitchen can be an elaborate, built in affair, complete with everything the budding chef requires.


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For those without the space or the resources to build a full outdoor kitchen, even a dedicated outdoor nook can have the same effect.


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Mini Break

Dedicated barbeque areas are a hot trend at the moment. Although you do forgo some of the ease of being close to the house, moving the entertaining area away from the house makes dining outside feel like getaway.


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Pull Up a Chair

There are a wide variety of ways that you can add seating to your outdoor grilling zone, but bar styled dining is the current go to trend. Choose a design that fits the feel of your area.


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This configuration is both kid and adult friendly. Diners are kept away from the eat, but are still close to the action.


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Consider raising the counter height for a more bar-like feel.


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Create a Portable Grilling Station

Tight budget? Low on space? Renting? Set up a portable grilling station. Outfit a small cart with cooking accessories that can be wheeled outside when cooking. The cart also helps ease clean up so you can quickly roll dirty dishes back inside.


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