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How much space do you need for a laundry room?


When planning a renovation, it is important to consider what exactly is required to get a workable laundry into even the tiniest space in your home.

Whatever space you have, try to include adequate storage for items such as ironing boards and laundry baskets and consider what type of washing machine and dryer works best for your space.

Benchtops should be 650mm deep to accommodate a washer and dryer. Be sure to allow adequate bench space and room for a large sink and tap if space allows. Access to powerpoints for other appliances such as irons is another important thing to consider.

Install a simple rail between walls or a collapsible air dryer for hanging delicates or for freshly ironed items.

Combined Spaces
If you simply do not have the space for a separate laundry, installing a washer dryer combo or side-by-side front-loading machine in a cupboard or under a benchtop is a great solution and allows for usable benchtop space above. Stacked machines work equally well in a cupboard. As many washer/dryers require you to leave your door open while the cycle is going, bi-fold doors can be a great option as they can fold back and only take up limited space.

Ensure that the placement of your laundry and appliances is easy to access and use day in and day out.

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