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How to create a handy home office

The rise of technology based careers means more and more people have the opportunity to work from home. Whether it’s just one day a week, or you base yourself from home, we find most people like to create an environment that separates the home office from the rest of the house. This week we’re taking a look at three important considerations when designing and building the perfect home office. Minimalist design Once upon a time chunky computers, cupboards and cabinets dominated home offices. Now, people tend to take a minimalist approach to home office design. That is, using only the necessary elements (and avoiding office clutter as a result). Think about what you need to work effectively – desk size, storage etc – and then decide on a good combination for the space you’ve got to work with. A great home office doesn’t need a big space (as seen below).

130417 minamalist design

Natural lighting

Does your work involve a lot of writing and reading? If so, you might like to consider a room with natural light (as in the image below). If you don’t have a choice, the alternative is to install suitable lighting. Bringing the outdoors indoors also helps to keep the home office fresh.

130417 natural lighting

Paint colour

You want to choose colours that help boost productivity and make you feel comfortable in the office. Light neutral colours and pastel colours are often best for this as they keep the room feeling fresh and bright. Paint colour can also help isolate the home office from the rest of the living space.

130417 home office

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