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Hubby Profile: Maurlin White at Albany Creek

What was your working background before joining Hire A Hubby?

Since leaving school was in the motor industry working within the fixed operation side of the business. During my 26 tenure with the company I worked my way up from cleaner driver to fixed operations manager. In my final position I had over 100 staff overseeing 5 brands located in 3 dealerships across the inner city and suburbs.

What were the reasons you purchased a Hire A Hubby franchise?

The primary reason was to be my own boss and do something I enjoy. In my previous job I saw the company grow and become the large public company it is today. In my twilight years I found I was being forced to say “yes” to the people above me despite entirely disagreeing with their business strategies. Saying “no” only lead to one thing. It had become all about the money and pleasing the shareholders.

I’ve always enjoyed fixing things and Hire A Hubby offered me two solutions, one was the ability to do things my way, and the second was to do something I enjoyed.

What were your main goals before kicking off the business?

I like to follow the “keep it simple stupid” theory. As a result my main goal when kicking off the business was to build a client base by doing the best I could for them and ensuring I always did what I said I was going to. I was hoping to create a content client base that gave me repeat business and referrals thus reducing the need for advertising. The only other goal I had was to get an employee on board as soon as responsibly possible to assist with the work load.

How did you find the training and support from Hire A Hubby?

Second to none is the only description I can give. All the staff in head office have bent over backwards to help me. I have a very knowledgeable field manager who’s saved my bacon on several occasions and is happy to come onsite and do the job with me. We get along famously!

How was your initial business start up?

A blur to be honest. I had more work than I knew what to do with and all my fears were allayed in the first month. I recall being very focused on the income guarantee prior to start up. I made that money in the first 8 months of operation and I think I only made a claim once in the first week of operation. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a good book keeper and accountant from day one. Don’t try and do it all yourself!

What is the current size of your business? (staff, contractors etc)

Currently we are a “you and two” operation. My wife does the office / scheduling side. I have a great bookkeeper whom keeps everything on track and two lads out doing the work with me one of whom I share with another franchise to keep some consistent hours for him. On top of that I have a, Tiler, Electrician, Plasterer, Plumber, Painter that I’ve worked with to ensure the quality of work and now fully trust to represent my business as subcontractors when necessary.

What kind of customers are you servicing?

At the moment we have a good blend of residential and commercial clients. I have a few real estate agents on board and five day care centres which keeps us busy on the commercial side. The residential work represents the main share of our business which is great as it keeps the cash flow turning over nicely.

What are the business goals for the next 12 months?

Primarily to consolidate the business within the area and ensure we have the proper foundation to grow. I’ve only been operating 11 months and I don’t think it is wise to move too quickly. Once you get a feel for the business you know when the right times are to make a move.
A simple tell tale is when you and all your staff are booked two weeks ahead and you are still getting more quotes approved and work flowing in. Time to get some more staff on board I’d say 🙂 Perhaps I’ll move to an enterprise operation by the end of 2018 however we’re living comfortably as we are. Time will tell.

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