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Hubby Profile: Paul from Hire A Hubby Southport

Paul - Hire A Hubby Southport

Welcome to this month’s round of Hubby Profiling! Today we caught up with Paul Chatterton from Hire A Hubby Southport in the Gold Coast, QLD to find out his experience so far with HAH:

Morning Paul, so to start off tell us, what did you do for work before joining us?
I was buying properties & renovating them for sale. Prior to this I had spent 30 years in sales management for industrial products. Over the years I had built two houses and erected numerous patios & pergolas for both myself and friends who liked my handiwork.

What prompted your interest into Hire A Hubby?
I was doing property renovations and struggling a bit with cash flow. A friend of mine saw a Hire A Hubby van and looked up the website. She told me it was the perfect fit for me and that she had even completed the check list for me and convinced me to contact them.

After looking into it, what was the biggest influence for you to buy your own franchise?
In previous positions, I had worked with franchises in the past and I must admit they were negative experiences. After sitting down and discussing the “fine details” with CEO Brendan Green, I knew that this would be the perfect fit for me and that Hire A Hubby was somewhat “different” to other franchises.

How are you enjoying being your own boss?
It’s not the first time I have “been my own boss”, the greatest enjoyment but also the biggest responsibility is “The Buck Stops With Me”. It can be a scary but a fun & financially rewarding ride. The freedom it gives you to work your own hours and be in charge of your destiny is liberating.

What’s your favourite job carried out so far?
I love renos! Kitchen & Bathroom renos are my “specialty” but one of my first jobs I did stands out. A lady asked me if I can fit front doors, of course I can I said! When I arrived there it turned out it was a four metre high arched door, it was a challenge but the result was sensational.

Front Door Renovation - HAH Southport

What’s business like for you? What kind of customers are you servicing?
Being on the Gold Coast, it varies from houses to high rise apartments to commercial establishments. I have built up a large base of “repeat” customers who have appreciated the work I have done for them and get me back to reduce their “to do” lists.

What are you planning for Hire A Hubby Southport in the next 6-12 months?
I have employed a labourer and plan to put on at least one but hopefully two part time/full time handymen/tradespersons before the end of the year. This will give me the opportunity to service my territory more efficiently.

Finally, if you were to rebuild your own home from scratch, describe in 1 sentence what it would look like?
Modern & “state of the art” technology advanced automations with neutral colours for the walls with colourful artwork/accessories to add a contrast.

Thanks for your time today Paul! If you’re looking for any renovation tips or simply wish to turn your ‘to do’ list into ‘done’ give your local Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 or book a free quote

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