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Light up your backyard. Enjoy those summer evenings.

The harsh Aussie sun seems to be working overtime this summer as many of us lie back, switch on the air-conditioner and enjoy an ice-cold beer. We have one of the sunniest countries on earth, so these activities are to be expected in most households. However, this week we thought we’d share a tip on how you can utilise the sun to not only liven up the appearance of your outdoor area but also entice you to spend more time outside in the summer evenings.

Solar powered solar lamps and lights have become very popular on the market in recent years, so here are some DIY tips on how to choose and install these nifty little lights to brighten up your backyard.

Positioning: First of all, find an area in your yard or garden that receives the most sunlight (keep in mind sun changes from season to season). Once this is located, you’ll be able to determine the type of light suitable.

Type: A number of different styles are available, so choose one based on the function you’re looking for.

1. For spotlighting specific objects go for a solar spotlight. This could emphasise a feature tree in your garden or simply provide the majority of light for your backyard.

Solar Spot Light
2. Low fixture lights are great for outlining pathways or driveways. They also sit snug to the ground or up against a garden bed, and don’t alter the appearance of the area.

Low Fixture Lights
3. For drawing attention to your garden, you can’t go past basic garden lights.

Garden Lights
4. For something a little different (and not necessarily solar powered), décor lights are also great for injecting your own personal touch to your landscape.

Decor Lights

Most lights are available at local hardware stores like Bunnings Warehouse. If you’re not sure on the best lights to use, or you’re having trouble installing them give your local Hire A Hubby a call on 1800 803 339 or request a free quote here.

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