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New Year, New Home: Kickstart 2024 with Hire A Hubby

As we usher in the New Year, it’s the perfect time to give your home the attention it deserves. Whether you’re aiming for a fresh start, planning to sell, or just want to create a more comfortable space, our team at Hire A Hubby is here to help you check off those essential tasks.


From a small repair, a long-overdue maintenance task, or a grand makeover, creating a detailed list of home improvement projects is the first step towards a more comfortable and efficient living space.




Take a Walk-Through


Start by taking a leisurely stroll through your home, both inside and out. Jot down any noticeable issues, improvements, or changes you’d like to see.


Prioritise Urgency


Categorise tasks based on urgency. Identify any immediate repairs or issues that, if left unattended, could lead to more significant problems.


Room-by-Room Inspection


Break down your list by room. Consider paint touch-ups, fixture upgrades, or any specific needs each room may have.





Maintenance Check


Include routine maintenance tasks such as cleaning gutters.


Curb Appeal


Assess the exterior of your home. From small landscaping projects to more significant tasks like roof inspections, enhance your home’s curb appeal.


DIY -v- Professional Jobs


Differentiate between tasks you can handle on your own and those that require professional expertise. Enlist the help of Hire A Hubby for more complex projects.


Budget Considerations


Establish a budget for your home improvement projects. This will help prioritise tasks and guide decision-making throughout the process.


Future Planning


Consider any long-term plans for your home. Are there renovations or additions you’d like to tackle in the coming years? Include them in your list for future reference.



Consult with Hire A Hubby


Our experts can provide insights, offer solutions, and help you prioritise tasks based on your goals and budget.


A well-crafted list is the key to turning your home improvement dreams into reality. With Hire A Hubby by your side, no task is too big or small. Let’s work together to make your home the best it can be in every season.



Here’s a handy list of jobs you may like to consider as you embark on your home improvement journey in 2024:





Paint Refresh


A new coat of paint can do wonders for your home’s aesthetic. Consider updating a room or two with on-trend colours for an instant transformation. One on-trend colour you’ll see plenty of this year is  ‘Red Orange’ (Pantone Colour of the Year).



“A heated gregarious orange tone both spontaneous and self-assured.” Pantone (




Cabinetry Makeover


Revamp your kitchen or bathroom by giving your cabinets a makeover. Our team can handle everything from re-staining to installing new hardware for a fresh look.





Declutter and Organise


Embrace the minimalist spirit of the New Year by decluttering and organising your living spaces. Our Hubbies can assist in creating efficient storage solutions.





Update Fixtures


Swap out outdated fixtures with modern alternatives to enhance the overall look and feel of your home. Upgraded tap ware to changing cupboard handles can make a significant impact.


Embark on the New Year with a home that reflects your vision and meets your needs. At Hire A Hubby, we’re dedicated to turning your home improvement dreams into reality. Contact us to schedule your projects, and let’s make 2024 a year of positive change for your home!


Hire A Hubby – Your Partner in Home Improvement 


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* Not all Hubbies offer all of the above services. Please check with your local Hire A Hubby franchisee when booking a job.


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