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Odd Jobs Around the Home


Over the years, our Hubbies have had many requests for what we would consider an “odd job”. These odd jobs have included relocating worm farms, taking pets to the vet, changing tyres, moving furniture, and removing possums from the roof! The list is endless.  If you have these types of jobs, it may be easier to search on that platform beginning with “Air” : )


What Hire A Hubby can do, and subject to licensing requirements, is help you with a wide range of property maintenance jobs. Some may be odd jobs, while others could fall into regular home maintenance, or projects and upgrades.  Let’s take a look at the property maintenance jobs Hire A Hubby can assist you with:


Indoor Jobs


  • Repairing doors or windows that don’t open or lock properly. This also includes fixing and replacing broken locks.
  • Fixing and replacing window and door seals
  • Hanging televisions, pictures and mirrors
  • Cabinetry door and bench top replacement
  • Fixing and replacing hinges and handles
  • Installing grab rails
  • Fixing holes in walls, and plaster and cornice installation
  • Re-grouting tiles
  • Installing pet doors
  • Changing lightbulbs
  • Building and installing indoor entertainment units, cabinets, and shelves
  • Building flatpack furniture
  • Painting and patch and repairs to walls
  • Repairing or replacing flooring, skirting boards, architraves, and cornice
Outdoor Jobs


  • Cleaning and mending gutters and down pipes
  • Concreting
  • Fly screen replacement
  • Building carports, fences, pergolas or entertainment decking areas
  • Installing and fixing handrails, balustrades and stairs
  • High-pressure cleaning and removal of oil, dirt and grime
  • Oiling and resealing of decks and outdoor wooden furniture
  • Building outdoor cubby houses, sheds, and covers for wheelie bins and pool filters
  • Building retaining walls and garden beds
  • Fixing a damaged roof or replacing tiles
  • Outdoor maintenance including landscaping, and repairing paths and stairs
  • Installing skylights
  • Painting exterior walls and fences
  • Graffiti removal, repair, and repainting


The jobs we don’t do


  • Gardening
  • Lawn mowing
  • Removalist work
  • Hazardous waste removal (Asbestos)
  • Rubbish removal (except if it’s part of the job)
  • Work on structural walls
  • Foundation work
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical work
  • Home extensions
  • Pest control
  • Alarm system installation and repair


Obscure jobs our Hubbies have undertaken




Replacing window sash cords and spiral balances


Sash windows make a lovely decorative feature whilst providing a functional addition to any home. You’ll find sash windows throughout Australia. Like with anything, over time faults may develop. Common faults with sash windows can lay with the cords and spiral balances. Speak to Hire A Hubby to see if your Hubby can assist in replacing these parts before spending out on a Sash Window specialist.



Replacing broken/damaged floor boards


All floors are susceptible to damage. If you have floor boards that have started to warp or have dents, cracks or staining, you may like to give Hire A Hubby a call. Localised damage i.e. a single floor board, may be easier to correct. If the board is beyond repair and needs replacing it will require a lot more skill and craftsmanship. While there are specialists in this field, you may like to first speak to one of our Hubbies and ask for a quote.



Replacing worn rollers on sliding doors, wardrobe doors, balcony doors and Bi-fold doors


Over time, and usually due to age, rollers for all types of sliding doors can wear thin. If you are experiencing problems with your doors, why not get Hire A Hubby to look at them for you.




Kitchen and Bathroom makeovers 


Installing a pre-built kitchen or bathroom is one thing. To create from scratch or with a makeover takes imagination, invention and forward-thinking. Our Hubbies can help you with your kitchen or bathroom makeover. From a lick of paint to new cabinetry and fixtures and fittings. Hire A Hubby offer a 100% Workmanship Guarantee and have the carpentry skills and know-how to help.



Installing cat rollers on fences


There are different models of cat rollers available on the market. All of which are aimed at protecting cat owners of the woes of keeping their cat safe whilst protecting native wildlife.


If you own a cat and are considering having cat rollers installed, for peace of mind, give Hire A Hubby a call.


Contact Hire A Hubby


Our Hubbies offer a 100% Workmanship Guarantee, are Police checked, hold current public liability insurance, photo ID, and are work health safety certified. Some of our Hubbies are licensed.


If you have any odd jobs waiting to be done, please get in touch by calling 1800 803 339 or by clicking here to book a quote.




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