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Our First $1Million Dollar Franchise!

Blog - First $1m Franchisee

Hire A Hubby has just reached a new milestone with our first Franchisee in Cairns turning over $1 MILLION! We couldn’t be prouder of all our Franchisees making their businesses grow and really taking every opportunity presented to them within the very lucid property maintenance industry. Want to be like Russell and own a $1M Hire A Hubby property maintenance franchise? Find out more below:

What has Hire A Hubby’s growth been like in recent years? Have we seen a distinct jump in growth or has this been gradual and more sustained over a longer period of time?

Since commencing operation in 1996, Hire A Hubby’s growth has been sustained and consistent every year, with roughly 15 – 20 new Hubbies joining the team every year.

What is the main ingredient to success in the handyman and trades industry?

Our Hubbies understand the need to put customers first and meet their needs. Technology is leading the way forward for Hire A Hubby to meet demands of customers who need rapid responses. Brilliant customer service is the biggest ingredient to becoming a successful business owner in this industry.

What makes Hire A Hubby’s franchise model so successful?

We’ve spent 20 years learning and improving everything we do! We have developed a franchising cloud-based customer relationship management system which allows our Franchisees to manage everything they need for their day-to-day business. It allows our Head Office teams to provide the best possible support we can to ensure our Hubbies are constantly reaching and exceeding their business goals through regular business reviews. We also have a huge peer support network with Hubbies being part of a local cell network, a wider state network and the overall Australia-wide network who all come together once a year for our National Conference.

Our system allows Franchisees to process quotes and get jobs booked in within hours of the customer first contacting us. One of the biggest factors that help us become successful in all the areas we serve is that we recognise customers don’t want to wait around after they make the initial contact, so we provide an instant text message confirming the job request has been processed and that the local Hubby will be in touch shortly.

Another way that Hire A Hubby model works is through our flat-fee system; the more the Franchisee earns, the more they keep. We do not take a royalty.

How crucial is ongoing skill development to Hire A Hubby Franchisees?

Very crucial!

“Never neglect the opportunity for improvement” – Sir William Jones

Hire A Hubby provides opportunities for constant  development in three areas:

  • Practical Skills: including Cert I, Cert II, Cert III and KBLR qualifications, asbestos removal, working from heights training etc.
  • Business Development: specialised training in sales, HR training (staff/labour management), accounting, time management, marketing etc.
  • Product training: new products and installs

HAH Bayview

We caught up with Russell to find out more about his business and how he continues to thrive…

When did you start the business? What is the size of your business (e.g. multiperson)?

Just under four years now, we employee around 8-9 employees at any one time, with a mix of these being qualified plasterers, pavers, carpenters etc.

What did you do before becoming a HAH Franchisee?

Previously, I worked at Woolworths running stores where I gained a very clear understanding of the value of customer service to the business. My father and grandfather were both carpenters, so taking on a Hire A Hubby franchise came quite naturally.

What sort of work are you doing for customers and how has this evolved over the years?

We have quite a diverse portfolio of work: 

  • A lot of work involves either prep-for-sale, or helping new home buyers with fix-ups that include remodelling bathrooms, repainting rooms etc…)
  • Rental market: the business is often the go-to one-stop shop for the needs of property managers, as Hire A Hubby offers a hassle-free way to quickly organise small touch-ups in apartments. We also have an extensive network of plumbers and electricians that we can sub-contract for other jobs in these spaces.
  • Commercial properties: we have regular jobs that are carried out with local businesses on a monthly basis. These jobs include putting up new signage and regular pieces of maintenance.

 What do you think are the ingredients to successfully operating a HAH franchise?

As above, I attribute my success in this industry to customer service. Ensuring customers have good experiences makes them rely on your franchise in the future and open the doors to future work and bigger jobs that go beyond small touch-ups to become full-scale renovations.

Congratulations again to Russell on his amazing achievement in hitting the $1M milestone. If you’re thinking of becoming a Franchisee and would like to find out more, give us a call on 1300 653 778 or request more information.


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