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Our top home security tips

To really feel at home within your home, a fundamental requirement for you and your family is to be safe and secure. So how can you proof your home against home invasions and theft?

Combine a deadlock with a digital lock

The most common entry point for a home invasion is through the front door. That’s why, in order to protect your home, it’s important to have a secure front door lock at the very least. A deadlock is secure because once you leave your home and lock your door, it cannot be opened from the inside or outside without a key. This means that if an intruder were to drill a hole in your door or break glass surrounding your door, they will not be able to reach in and unlock your door from the inside. A digital lock is another layer of security. This requires a pin number to enter. Digital locks are highly secure because you don’t need to rely on a key, and if you have a concern with security, you can simple change the pin number.

Install a sturdy screen door

A screen door will give you an extra layer of security on your front door. Security doors come in all shapes, sizes and materials. One effective type of security door is a steel bar door which can be bought in different designs or custom fitted to your front entrance. Other screen doors double as security screens and fly screens. This type of door is a good choice if you have a feature door that you don’t want to hide, because from a distance the screen will appear invisible. It’s also a great choice if you want to keep your door open for airflow through your home, but want peace of mind that nothing will come in – insects or burglars.

Get an alarm system

An alarm system can give you real peace of mind for when you’re at work or out of town. Many types of alarm systems can be connected to your mobile phone. In case anything happens and the alarm is set off, you will be notified immediately.

Install a built-in safe

If you have valuables like jewellery, cash or important documents that you would like to safeguard against theft, installing a safe can put your mind at ease.

Fix cameras around the home

Not only can cameras capture any suspicious behaviour when you’re away from home, they can act as a successful deterrent for burglars. Some households even install dummy cameras to ward off thieves. This can add an extra layer of security without the large costs of running a video system 24 hours a day.

If you would like help safeguarding your home against home invasions and theft, our skilled hubbies can help. From changing your front lock to installing your new front door, our handyman services have got you covered. Contact us today.

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