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Outdoor Home Improvements That Add Value


Selling Your Home in 2023


With interest rates and sky-high inflation levels, there is a lot of anxiety over whether to sell and, if so, how to walk away with a profit. If you decide to carry out any home improvements, always use quality materials and finishes.


Whether you are looking to improve your home or considering to sell, Hire A Hubby looks at how you can add value to your outdoor areas, whether you are on a budget or not.






Replace Your Front Door


Cosmetic changes and upgrades may make you question whether you really are adding value. Ultimately, replacing a front door is about adding “curb appeal”. Replacing a tired or old front door with a new entryway will make your property more attractive and add a good overall impression with buyers.


There are many benefits to a new front door. These include:


  • Curb appeal – A new front door is the first things people will see and sets the tone to the rest of the property.
  • Added security – Burglars are opportunists – a new quality front door will act as a deterrent through sturdiness and security.
  • Energy efficiency – Modern doors are built and fitted usually with security and energy efficiency in mind.
  • Quality – A new front door will provide the confidence of durability and longevity.





Patio / Entertaining Area


An integral part of Australian living is spending time outside. Having a patio built will enhance your living space and appeal to buyers.

If your priority is ROI (return of investment), consider investing in a simple patio area construction over a high-end spec version.

Consider the cost and materials of the patio. Brick or poured concrete can be at risk to cracking and erosion in harsh weather climates. Pavers make for a more durable option and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.



Have a Patio?


Pressure clean your patio area. You don’t want it to come across as an eyesore but as a valuable asset instead.

Fix any cracks before they get worse or widen. It may not seem like a big deal to you, but it could be that breaker for a buyer.



Reseal Your Pavers


Sealing your pavers will protect them by blocking the pores in concrete from absorbing water. Pavers should be resealed every 3 years to protect from discolouration, crumbling and cracks.

Talk to your local Hire A Hubby franchisee today.




Retaining Walls


With a little bit of landscaping, a retaining wall can create a distinct area and purpose to a garden. They provide a variety of functions including drainage, safety aspects from soil erosion, as well as creating something aesthetically pleasing in the garden.


Hire A Hubby can help you with a new build or even replace or repair an existing failing wall.


Always check with the local authorities. A retaining wall may impact your neighbour’s garden with the flow of water and create drainage issues. Speak to the experts and contact Hire A Hubby for a quote.





Show Your Deck Some Love


Decks make for a comfortable outdoor space and a seamless switch between indoor and outdoor living. They also don’t require as much maintenance compared to a lawn which requires regular mowing.


Regular wooden decks should be oiled at least once a year to protect and keep them in their best condition. Hire A Hubby can provide you with a complete build and aftercare service. Speak to your local Hire A Hubby franchise.



Have a Deck and On a Budget?


If you already have a deck, consider having it oiled or stained – especially if you haven’t used it in a while.


Hire A Hubby will inspect your deck for any signs of wear and tear. We can clean away any build-up of dirt, mould or fungus using high pressure cleaning. We can even give your deck a coat of oil to protect if from water damage and resistance to mould, as well as stain it to revitalise and preserve the area and highlight the natural grain of the wood. You should regularly maintain your decking area by having it treated every 6 months.


Paring a deck with a Pergola is another sure way to present your home to potential buyers.





Add a Pergola


Having a pergola built, creates a feature to your outdoor area and provides the value of outdoor cover – no matter what the weather.


Pergolas usually don’t require extensive work and can easily be built around a weekend. Incorporated around a decking area, they make for a great alfresco retreat.


A pergola can be a huge selling point to a potential buyer as you provide the garden with a sanctuary to outdoor entertaining and protection from the weather. Just make sure you keep them in good condition. With good aftercare, they will keep for decades to come.



Have a Pergola and On a Budget?


If you already have a pergola, consider having it professionally cleaned, oiled or stained by Hire A Hubby. It won’t cost you the earth, but it will add appeal.


Talk to your local Hire A Hubby franchise today.






Invest in an Outdoor Kitchen


Having an outdoor kitchen may not seem high on your to-do list, but it does add value and appeal to any outdoor setting and to any buyer with entertainment in mind.


Outdoor kitchens aren’t just for those with entertainment in mind. They are also a great solution for anyone wanted to spend more time outdoors, especially on a hot day.


Even though outdoor kitchens are becoming more common with properties, they are considered as ‘luxuries’ which are distinct bonuses to any potential buyer.


Some outdoor kitchens come complete and ready to install. The deciding factor is usually budget. Work out your budget and get an estimate from Hire A Hubby on how much the installation will cost. Remember to add in the cost for the utilities you want for your kitchen area.


Speak to an expert (like Hire A Hubby) to get a cost indication.



On a Budget?


If you don’t mind your outdoor kitchen built on a budget and with an open design, you can still get the look from salvaged materials like reclaimed or recycled products.




Key Considerations


If you are considering any of these changes and upgrades, it is always worthwhile to:


  • Decide what your budget is.
  • Research – Look at your local property market to see how other properties fair against your own.
  • Decide if you can do some of the work yourself.
  • List the work that requires a qualified tradesman or a handyman.
  • Have a timeframe in mind for the work to be completed.


With a little preparation by yourself, you’ll be ready to start your project in a timely manner and engage a support team – including Hire A Hubby – to help achieve your goals.


Hire A Hubby is always here to help (you can Book a Quote by calling 1800 803 339 or by clicking on the Book A Quote button on our homepage).


* Not all Hubbies offer all of the above services. Please liaise with your local Hire A Hubby franchisee when booking a job. 


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