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Painting your house? Read this first.

A new paint job can really do wonders for your home’s look and feel. An interior paint job can bring new life into each room of the house, and an exterior job can improve your street appeal and even add value to your home.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor paint job (or both), there are a few things to think about before jumping in and doing it yourself.

Select the right time

Most of the time you can’t predict what Mother Nature has in store. However, to prevent your exterior paint job from blistering, flaking and peeling, get to know your local weather patterns. Choose a time of year that has low humidity, is unlikely to rain and isn’t too hot or too cold. In really cold weather your paint will take too long to dry and in hot weather it can dry too quickly. If the temperature is too hot and your paint dries too quickly, it could be susceptible to flaking, while humidity and rain can cause your paint to blister.

Choose the right colour scheme

When selecting your colour scheme, it’s important to consider how the light hits the surface that you’re painting. If you’d like to paint a room that is small or doesn’t get much light, it’s best to choose lighter coloured paint to make the room look bigger and brighter.

Choose the right paint

The type of paint you choose, whether it’s acrylic or oil based, will depend on on a few factors. Oil-based paints tend to last longer, however they are a little bit trickier to work with and can take longer to dry. Acrylic paints are easier to work with, but many acrylic paints aren’t as durable as oil-based ones. If you’re choosing acrylic for the exterior of your home, make sure to choose the right paint that is specifically for exterior painting.

The sheen of your paint makes a big difference, and not just to the look of your home. You’ll choose between matte/flat paint and glossy/satin paint. The higher the sheen, the easier your walls will be to clean. However glossy paint can highlight imperfections like uneven drywall and dents. While imperfections aren’t as pronounced under matte paint, matte painted walls are much more difficult to clean.

Whichever paint you decide to use, it should be of top quality to ensure it looks great and is durable.

Get a professional to do it

Painting your house is a big job. Whether it’s one room of the house, the whole interior, or the whole exterior, a lot of things can go wrong if you don’t have the proper tools and knowledge under your belt. Let our professional hubbies do all the hard work for you. Our hubbies can simplify the process with their skills and know-how. They’ll talk you through the job and make sure the it is done professionally and with ease. Get in touch for a free quote today.

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