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Perchance to Dream: Creating Bedroom Spaces that Reflect Your Style

The bedroom is one of the most personal and sacred spaces in your home. It’s your retreat, resting place, and where you spend a third of your life. This is the room that is the first thing you open your eyes to in the morning and the last thing you see at night so it’s only right that the design is something straight out of a dream.

Plus the boudoir is also the one place in your home that others don’t often see, so it can be a pure reflection of your own style and taste. For couples, there is a need to balance both styles, particularly if they are radically different, and come up with a tranquil environment that works for you both.

Here are some ideas on what can be done to transform your bedroom into your own private oasis:


Lighting is an important factor in affecting people’s mood; for this reason, bedroom lighting should be subtle. Take a look at the lighting used in hotel rooms, where there are no harsh lights to take away from the tranquil nature of your resting place. Try dimmers, bedside lamps or wall sconces to give your room a soft, cosy feel.




No matter your style and budget, there’s a linen set out there for you. Cupcakes and Cashmere understand the importance of bed linen stating that, “one of the foundations to a great night’s sleep is your sheets” in their blog post ’11 Enlightening Facts You Never Knew About Bedding’.

St.Pauls Church, Battersea



Heavy drapes, minimalist blinds, or provincial shutters; your window treatment should play into the style of your room.

Display Home: The Allure



The bed is the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom and the focal point of the room, so it’s important to find one the matches your style. Whether it’s a clean, minimalistic feel or a romantic four poster, there is a bed out there for every size and type of room. Bedheads are the perfect way to spruce up a bland ensemble.

The Beach House



Picking the right colour for your room is so important to set the emotion for the room. Last year we looked into the Psychology of Colour and found that the top picks for bedrooms are: green, pink, brown and purple. Alternatively, stick with white and inject a bit of colour through your furnishings and artwork.

Bedroom Revamp



The amazing array of new paper trends, both bold and subtle, is definitely en vogue for the bedroom space. Wallpaper has long since shed its reputation as something favoured by our nanas. If you can’t countenance the idea of a floral, consider textured or embossed paper. Wallpapers now also come in a removable version, for those who rent or like to change styles frequently.

Photography of a new show home


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