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Makeover Series Part 1: Getting started

One of the benefits of home ownership is being able to make a house your home by adding personal touches to it through renovations and makeovers. From large scale jobs like decks and room transformations to small upgrades like painting walls or new curtains and flooring, putting a bit of work into your home can improve liveability and lifestyle as well as add property value.

Over the coming weeks, Hire A Hubby will be running a series of home makeover blogs to give you expert advice on a range of things you can do with your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room and outside area, and give you a bit of a guide on where to start and how to do it on a budget.

This week, we’re looking at the hardest part – where to start. Budgets, quotes and dealing with suppliers can be time consuming and a headache, so our Hubbies have broken it down to help you out.


Think about the bigger picture and the return on investment when budgeting. Don’t exceed your financial means and always allow for unexpected costs. Ultimately, you will eventually sell your home, so think from an outsider’s perspective what you’d want to see in your house. Value-adding can come from a fresh coat of paint, revamping drab floors or tidying up a garden.


You may have received a few quotes already to help you with your budget, but now is the time to find the best quote. Talk to friends and family about who they’ve used and recommend. Hire A Hubby is a great place to start because they are the all-round experts and trusted advisers of the best contractors in your local area. Take your time comparing quotes so you’re getting the best value and quality of work for the price you are paying and ensure quotes are consistent with the work you require. If you’re engaging with contactors or suppliers, compare apples with apples and look for examples of previous work they have completed.


Whether you’re making over your living room or renovating your bathroom, think about how the time of the job will affect your living. Some work requires turning the water or electricity off or blocking doorways and driveways, which isn’t a problem if you plan for it. Listen to the advice of experts, but remember what you want and don’t be talked into something else.

In the coming weeks we will be taking our renovation series a step further by exploring makeover ideas in each section of your home. Stay tuned for next week when we’ll be looking at kitchen makeover ideas.

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