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Repairs that come with having kids… with Hubby tips

With school holidays just around the corner your children will soon be spending more time at home which means more time to run amuck around the house and get up to all sorts of mischief.

All children have one thing in common and that is the ease with which they manage to break things. This week our Hubbies explore the top three things children destroy around the home and give you their tips on how to deal with the damage.

Permanent marker on walls

Every child that comes across a permanent marker will somehow find their way to the nearest wall and draw on it; it’s what kids do so our Hubbies suggest the following tips for dealing with the damage.

  • Act quickly, the sooner you try to clean the area, the better.
  • Try using toothpaste or hairspray to remove the pen, but be gentle when you scrub to avoid removing paint also.
  • If you find you’re too late and cleaning the wall isn’t an option, give your local Hubby a call and he can paint the area and have it looking as good as new in no time.

Small holes in walls

A little play fighting amongst siblings seems harmless, but more often than not, one thing leads to another and a light rough and tumble can quickly lead to arms and legs flying and elbows and heels going through walls. Our Hubbies suggest the following basic fix for small holes:

  • Tidy the area by removing any loose plaster with a scraper then apply a bonding agent to the area and wait until dry.
  • Cover the hole with plaster using a putty knife and let dry.
  • Sand the area then spot paint over it.

If you’re not confident you can do a good job of repairs like this or don’t have time, our Hubbies can help you out.

Broken windows

Playing with sports equipment close to the house can lead to broken glass windows. Fixing a broken window is a tricky task but if you’re committed to giving it a go yourself here are our top three tips:

  • Always wear gloves when removing broken glass from a window pane to avoid cutting yourself on sharp edges.
  • Keep a piece of the broken glass to use as a comparison at the store to make sure the replacement glass matches.
  • When repairing a large window it is best to remove the entire window and lay it on a flat surface. This will allow you to replace the glass as safely as possible.

These minor repairs may sound simple, but they can turn out to be a little more difficult than first expected.  For professional advice and assistance with home maintenance jobs, feel free to give Hire A Hubby a call.

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