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School holiday fun: Hire A Hubby tips for building a backyard sandpit

With school holidays in full swing, your kids will have endless amounts of energy and be craving excitement and adventure. A sandpit is a great area for your kids to play in where you can keep an eye on them right at home.

Before building a sandpit for your kids, our Hubbies recommend you consider the following points:

  • Location is key
  •  Remember to consider the surrounding plants and trees, sun exposure and how the area copes with harsh weather conditions.
  • Building a sandpit close to the home and in sight of windows means you are able to easily monitor your child’s safety while they play.
  • Don’t waste lawn in the area you build the sandpit. You can re-use the grass to revamp worn areas of your lawn or put it upside down in your compost heap.
  • Look out for drainage problems as clay or hard pan subsoil can cause drainage troubles. Our Hubbies can provide the solutions to these problems.
  • Install a lid or cover. Having our Hubbies build a lid or cover for your sandpit will keep foreign objects and neighbourhood animals out of the sand and ensure the area remains a safe place for your children to play.
  • Make sure your sandpit is built with pre-treated wood that can withstand changing weather conditions.

If you’re worrying about what to do with your sandpit when your kids get older – don’t. Our Hubbies regularly convert sandpits into flower beds or vegetable patches, so don’t let this hold you back.

If you love the idea of your children having their very own sandpit, but the thought of constructing it yourself seems like an impossible feat, give our Hubbies a call on 1800 803 339 and they’ll be happy to help.

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