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Serious Fun: Children’s Play Equipment

Children’s outdoor equipment offers a range of physical, social and, self-confidence opportunities.  With a growing concern about the level of physical activity children participate in, having play equipment at home encourages children to go outside, get some fresh air, and play.  It’s sneaky exercise.  They won’t even know their strengthening their bodies, because they’ll be too busy having fun.

Here are our top suggestions for play equipment children just love.


Trampolining is a low impact, low stress form of exercise which is soft on children’s joints while building core strength, flexibility, and coordination, all while having loads of fun.


Swing Set

Swings offer exercise, fresh air and fun and they’re a hit with both kids and adults.

Playmor-Swing-Set-3-Wooden Play-Set

Slippery Slide

We all remember the feeling of whizzing down the slippery slide as kids.  Children will line up time and again to slide on to the grass or into the pool.



The seesaw builds a child’s coordination and team work skills.  For parents, it allows a one on one opportunity spend time with your child.  Why not make seesaw time, a time to check in and talk to your child about their day.


Cubby House

A cubby house is the perfect way to allow children to have their own personal space while teaching them responsibility.


Sand Pit

Sand offers a very tactile experience which children just love. A sand pit allows a designated space to keep them busy, while working both their gross and fine motor skills.


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