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Should I DIY or should I call a professional?

There’s nothing like the achievement of finishing a home renovation job, but sometimes it’s not as simple as you might first think. This week our Hubbies run you through a few considerations when deciding between DIY or getting the experts in.

Project Time

Do you have the time to see the project through to completion? One of the biggest barriers to entry for home owners renovating their properties themselves is the lack of time to commit to it. A job that goes longer than expected may also mean you’re losing money. Professionals always work to a specified deadline. Always estimate for extra time if you’re doing it by yourself.


Unexpected Costs

Have you taken into consideration your personal ability? Quite often DIYers will take on more work than they are capable of and this can increase the cost of the project. The cost to fix a job that’s gone wrong may be more than the cost of hiring a professional to start with. You may even decrease the value of your home by not doing the job properly.

DIY Disaster

Home renovations and repair work aren’t to be taken lightly. The worst way a DIY job can end is with someone getting injured. Often dangerous equipment is used and there are a number of risks involved. The more experience you have, the less risk is involved as you can foresee problems which may arise. If you’re not skilled or experienced enough don’t hesitate to call someone who is.

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