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Six Signs you’re harming your Hardwood Floor

If you’re the proud owner of a home with hardwood floors, think about the elements around the house that might be destroying it each day. Children’s toys, energetic dogs, furniture and cleaning can all wreak havoc, so how guilty are you?

This week, our Hubbies are offering seven do’s and don’ts when it comes to preserving the life of what is arguably your home’s greatest feature.

Hardwood Floor

DO prevent scratches by using floor protectors underneath furniture items. Commonly used furniture such as tables and chairs are the biggest culprits, however lounge suites, TV cabinets and ottomans can also move and scratch the floor. Using rubber or felt floor protectors also makes cleaning the floor easier by being able to slide the furniture without worrying about damaging the floor.

DON’T vacuum with a rotating brush as it can be very abrasive to timber floors. For weekly cleaning use a vacuum with a floor brush attachment. For daily cleaning opt for a soft, bristle broom or a mop that has been treated with a dusting agent to pick up traces of pet hair and dust.

DON’T use water too often. Despite modern floor finishes being more water resistant, cleaning with a wet mop only needs to be done every 1-2 months depending on how busy the foot traffic is. As dirt, oil and general grime can build up over time, using a wood-cleaning product might be a good idea. Be sure to wipe up any excess moisture to prevent standing water.

DO prevent particles settling onto the floor as dirt and dust can scratch your floor when they sit for too long. You can prevent this by placing mats on both the inside and outside of main doors to capture dirt when people enter, and by cleaning the floor regularly.

DO spot clean gently, with your hands. Avoid using steel wool, harsh chemicals or scouring powder to remove spot marks as these will only damage your floor. Instead, opt for a soft cloth soaked in floor cleaner and gently try to remove the mark by hand.

DON’T over expose your timber floor to Australia’s harsh sun, as it can cause discolouration and destroy the timber’s finish. Keep the curtains and blinds drawn while you’re at work or when the sun is at its strongest.

DO consider the toys you let your children play with inside, and the impact your dog’s paws might be having on the quality of your floors.

If you’d like to discuss anything to do with your timber flooring – what finish to use, how to restore life into it, what protectors are best for your furniture – with Hire A Hubby in your local town, please click here.

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