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Tips to get your outdoors ready for Christmas

If it’s your turn to host Christmas this year and you are yet to start planning for it, please don’t panic. There’s still time to get ready for the big day.


In this Blog, we look to inspire you with some ideas on how to ease the workload in the lead up to Christmas. We also provide some tips on creating the perfect outdoors space for entertaining.


Flat pack furniture assembly can be a frustrating and time consuming process.
Sometimes the instructions for Flat Pack furniture aren’t very clear and you can waste hours trying to interpret them. Why not let Hire A Hubby do the hard work for you?



Flat Pack Furniture


If you like to entertain your friends and family at Christmas, it’s important that your space includes plenty of seating options. If you’re dining outside, consider having comfortable areas for your guests. Having good quality (and comfortable) furniture is a must.


If you purchase new outdoor furniture which comes flat packed, Hire A Hubby can help you with the assembly.




Pressure washing done correctly, can bring your paving, paths, and hard surfaces back to life.
Bring your hard surfaces back to life and remove the build up of dirt, grime, moss, and stains with a quality pressure wash by our Hubbies.


Clean Outdoor Furniture and Areas



First, remove furniture to make a clean and clutter-free space. Pressure wash the area to remove any dirt or debris. Don’t forget to clean down your furniture!




Protect and enhance the natural grain of your timber deck and outdoor timber furniture with the application of a quality decking oil.
There’s nothing quite like a beautiful wooden deck so protect it from the elements by oiling it a few times a year.


Oil that Deck


Have your deck cleaned and oiled before your guests arrive this Christmas. Decks require maintenance to keep them in good condition.


Hire A Hubby recommends oiling your deck once or twice a year to protect it from the elements year-round. We also recommend you have it done professionally by one of our Hubbies.




Hire A Hubby can install your cabinetry for your outdoor kitchen area. Maximise your outdoor space and enjoy the alfresco lifestyle.
Bring your outdoor entertainment area to life withe an outdoor kitchen. Hire A Hubby can install it for you!


BBQ Area and Outdoor Kitchen



There are many advantages to having an outdoor BBQ or kitchen area built – especially if you like to entertain and spend quality time outside with the family.


An outdoor BBQ and Kitchen area will give you the freedom to cook without feeling overcrowded and will help keep the inside of your home clean and tidy.


If you already have a deck area built, consider utilising it with an outdoor constructed kitchen/grill. It can provide you with a lifetime of use and extends your living space to your home.


Our Hubbies can help construct a BBQ/ Kitchen area for you.




Hire A Hubby can build and install planter boxes so you can grow your own herbs, vegies, and flowers.
Hire A Hubby can build and install planter boxes so you can grow your own herbs, vegies, and flowers.


Planter Boxes



Transform your garden into a green oasis by installing planter boxes. They will help keep your outdoor areas tidy and manageable. They look great too!


Raised beds are a safe way to garden without the risk of back or knee injury from bending down. They can also reduce the likelihood of slugs attacking your plants.


Ask one of our Hubbies about having some bespoke planter boxes built today.




Add a little ambience to your back yard or balcony with some Festoon Lights. If you need help hanging them, Hire A Hubby has all of the equipment to hang your Festoon Lights safely and exactly where you want them.
Add a little ambience to your back yard or balcony with some Festoon Lights. Hire A Hubby can do the hard work for you.


Create Ambience with Lights



Illuminating outdoor spaces can turn any garden (no matter the size) into a magical spot for entertaining.


Hanging lights around the garden make for the perfect ambient alfresco setting. You can hang your lights in many ways – the higher is better. After all, you don’t want the heat of them too close to your face!


Always opt for a low-energy consumption set of fairy or LED lights. Ask your local Hubby for help if you require assistance hanging lights.




Privacy screens can enhance your outdoor areas and protect you from the prying eyes of the neighbours.
Privacy screens can enhance your outdoor areas and protect you from the prying eyes of the neighbours.


Privacy Screening



Does your garden space get overlooked by neighbours? There are ways you can improve privacy in your backyard setting. Planting bamboo (clumping bamboo), Lilly Pilly or even conifers can help create a natural screen from prying eyes. It also provides a lovely backdrop to your garden. For a more immediate effect, consider having a privacy screen built.


Privacy Screens are available off the shelf and come in various materials and sizes, made to suit the style of your house.


Enjoy your Christmas and family time without unwanted eyes by calling Hire A Hubby. Our Hubbies can help install a privacy screen, so you can get to spend more time enjoying the outdoors with a little more comfort.


An Outdoor room will transform your home and outdoor area, and your life with a beautiful entertaining space!
An Outdoor room can help transform your home and your lifestyle.

Outdoor Room / Pergola


If you haven’t got an alfresco or deck to host your Christmas festivities, you may want to consider installing an Outdoor Room attached to your house, or a freestanding Pergola.


Always check with your local Council to see if you need planning permission before commencing any works.


An Outdoor Room will allow you to entertain outside and enjoy your back yard during the warmer months. Click here to read how Better Homes & Gardens created a simple yet stunning Outdoor Room while updating the surrounding garden and landscaping.


If a job like this is way out of your wheelhouse, our Hubbies can do the job for you.



Decorate with a Theme in mind


This may be an option that your local Hubby will stay away from, but you should given some consideration to the look or theme of your Christmas table.


From glass ware for welcome drinks to foliage, tablecloths and napkins for the table, you can use what you have or spruce things up with a few special purchases.


Grazing platters, serving plates, candles, and table decorations can all be themed to bring harmony and the wow factor to your table. Homes to Love have some excellent ideas for Christmas entertaining.



Need Help? Call Hire A Hubby


Christmas is a fabulous time to celebrate with family and friends. You can always call on Hire A Hubby to help you prepare your home and outdoor entertainment areas. To Book A Quote, just call 1800 803 339 or complete the Book A Quote form.


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