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Top 10 Home Office Spaces

Imagine a work space that didn’t have office politics or a constant battle over who controls the air con… one that didn’t have a colour scheme that could only be comparable to Ronald McDonald’s fashion choices or the inside of a circus tent… one that presented a calming environment, designed for concentration with no distractions. Behold the Home Office!

Whether you work 9-5 (and then some) from home or you just need a space to check your emails and do a bit of online shopping, take a look at Hire A Hubby’s Top 10 Home Office Work Spaces:

1. Tiffany Blue

Have Breakfast at Tiffany’s everyday with this gorgeous blue get-up:


© Pottery Barn

2. Chalk Paint Calendar

Turn your daily do’s into your decor with a chalkboard paint calendar:


© Stylizimo

3. Window Seat

An office with a view makes for a happier worker, stick your desk in front of the window and enjoy the sunshine:


© Bright, Bold, Beautiful

4. Bit of Colour

Maybe neutral tones or white/black is not quite to your taste. Throw a bit of colour in your office with a dark cyan and soft orange combo:


© Forbes

5. Quotes on Point

Theme your office with a set of graphic quotes, extra points for motivational quotes:


© The Ultra Linx

6. Pin Board Wall

Display all your visuals on your very own pin board wall:


© Style and Create

7. The Wooden Look

Go rustic with a wooden floor to ceiling look coupled with some fairy lights for the cosy touch:


© Mariasvitabo

8. Built in Book Cases

Surround your desk with built in book cases for stylish storage:


© Digs Digs

9. Au Naturel

Bring the outdoors in with a miniature desktop tree:


© Blog Lovin’

10. Black, White and Pink

We’re definitely partial to a touch of pink here at HAH, check out the gorgeous lighting fixture:


© Yasamstil

So there are our Top 10 Home Offices! If you’re ready to refurbish your home office work space, give us a call on 1800 803 339 or book a free quote today.

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