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Now Is the Time to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Now that autumn has begun to blow through, the colder months are sure to follow. Preparing you home for the cooler conditions of the winter ahead and cleaning up outside before the seasons change is highly recommended. While a complete home renovation may not be necessary, a little maintenance around the home will help you prepare for the impending winter months. Preparing ahead of time will not only help you and your family live comfortably but it may possibly be able to save a little money in the long run.

Prepare your home for Winter


As many may already know, house fires are more common in the colder months of the year than they are in the summer or spring. Therefore, while some things should be taken care of throughout the year, it is important to check, maintain and replace batteries in smoke alarms in the home before winter hits. This is especially important if you have a fireplace or woodstove to use when the temperatures begin to a drop a little. Additionally, cleaning out the chimney can also provide a reduced chance of a fire.


Replace or repair any broken windows throughout the home. This is where a lot of heat loss can occur. When the windows in the home are more efficient, the heating system in the home is also efficient. Look for double pane windows and have them installed by a professional, like your local Hubby, for the best results.


You will want to close cracks, gaps and other areas that might have been left open. Placing more insulation throughout the walls can increase the home’s efficiency while making it much more comfortable inside.


Check your gutters for debris, leaves and blockages. You want to make sure the gutter system around the home is working at its best performance. This is where a lot of roofing problems can occur, so taking the best care of the gutters before something happens is highly recommended.

Roofing for Winter


If you have a pool, the pool should be closed and winterized for the colder months. While you may have already done this, you want to double check the cover. This is to ensure that the pool is protected when winter comes rolling in.


Rake up fallen leaves and any debris in the yard. Cleaning up the yard is also a great time to place fertiliser down. This will protect the yard from the cooler climate in Australia this winter so that it will flourish when the warmer temperatures come back around. It also makes your yard look nice, without having to do any more work to it in the winter months.


Check your roof for fallen tiles and make sure they are replaced before the weather turns cooler. Your roof also needs to be examined to make sure there are no leaks. A leaky roof can cause damage within the home including damage to walls and floors.

Fans - Prepare your home for Winter


If you have a ceiling fan in the home and it has a switch that can be reversed, be sure to reverse it to help keep the heat flowing downwards into the room rather than allowing it to rise and seep through the ceiling. Keeping the heat circulating within the room is a great way to keep the temperature turned down and save a little on the heating bill this winter. 


Check your home for signs of moisture before winter arrives. Moisture that builds up during the winter can lead to problems including mould and mildew growth which can become dangerous not only for the structure of the home but also to the health of you and anyone living in the home.


Insulate hot water pipes in the home using thermal tape. This will provide you with a way to reduce the amount of heat loss, while also protecting them against freezing conditions. You don’t want to have burst pipes in the home since this can lead to even more problems.

Whilst some things are going to be simple for a homeowner to handle on their own, it is a good idea to speak to your local Hubby to handle things that may be difficult or that require a pro for installation or repair. It is best to feel confident knowing that the job is done correctly so you won’t run into any problems after cooler weather sets in for the season.

Stay warm this upcoming winter and make the most of the home you’re living in. By preparing in the autumn months, you can be set when the temperatures begin to drop even lower. This guest post was helpfully put together by the team at Contractors Today.


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